Friday, September 22, 2006

Women out of work
Yesterday I attended a reunion for out of work women. The idea is that we will attend a five week course which includes three weeks of work experience. Work experience is easy to get apparently because companies are keen to have an extra worker for free for a while. I handed in the questionnaire that I had been given to fill in. My French spelling is hopeless so I don’t know what they will make of it. If I can’t teach I could do something in computers I think (ha ha). I didn’t sleep very well last night thinking about how useless I am, I know I’m not but that’s how I feel at 2.30 am when I can’t sleep. On 5th October I have to go for a day and they will teach me how to write my CV, AGAIN and see what they can do with me. Christian and MIL are coming for Christmas and it looks as if I might be on my course then – great (not). I’m not very positive today, am I?

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supermom_in_ny said...

It makes me sad to hear you so down. Don't worry, things will work out. I'm sure there are plenty of places that your bilingual ability is an asset.

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