Friday, September 22, 2006

Is it the first day of Autumn?
Just recently I’ve been waking up in the night to see a blanket coming from above me to cover me over. As soon as I realise it’s dark and I wouldn’t be able to see it anyway, it disappears. Olivier told me that he came to see if I was okay the other night because I screamed (Rob was computing in the living room and didn’t hear). When he told me I did remember screaming and I remember the blanket had pretty patterns on it. Weird.

I went to the doctors on Monday because when I was eating my lunch my jaw hurt and the left side of my face swelled right up. I looked awful. Nothing too serious, just a blocked salivary gland. I’m on anti inflammatory drugs because there is a little rheumatism and sweet looking little tablets to make more saliva. Does rheumatism in the jaw mean I talk too much ?

We are collecting Dom from the station this evening. I’m making lasagne to celebrate. In her emails she says she’s having a great time, we’re really looking forward to hearing all about life as a student. I mustn’t ask too many questions, I mustn’t ask too many questions, I musn’t…..


zoe said...

those must be scary dreams - thank god you have an attentive son :) and i hope that your jaw gets better and that you have a great weekend with dom.

Anji said...

Thanks Zoe; I love your pic there, very regal. My 'attentive son' thinks it's a premonition of my death - lol.

Anonymous said...

A blocked salivary gland? Ouch! Glad to hear that Dom is doing so well in Poitiers (one of my favourite places in France).

Anji said...

Daisy: More uncomfortable than painful. We visited the town of Poitiers recently for the first time. In future years when Dom gets her own place I think we shall be regular visitors!