Monday, December 03, 2018

Moving on

We moved house on my birthday in September. We were sad to leave the village where we had been living for the last 7 years, but it was time to move on. The stairs were more and more difficult for me.
We have changed village, department and region as we now live in the Vendée department.

A new garden

Christian helped us with the decorating, he is a slave driver, but has such a good eye and lots of ideas. After cleaning up and decorating the new house, packing up to move and cleaning up the old house I was exhausted. I lost a bit of weight too The new house is not your typical house, I call it quirky. There are some steps and stairs but they are in small groups and not as deep, so I manage them quite easily.

The bathroom needed a change of colour! 

That's better.

Kitchen now comes with matching husband

I'm really pleased with what Christian helped us to do with the mezzanine, which doubles as a spare bedroom

Cosy living room

The corridor is wide enough to take a sofa bed.  This is now the grand-children's area with games and books (for when they are old enough).  It's really cosy and I like to snuggle up there with a book myself.

 We have a slightly bigger garden and a terrace facing south which is closed in on 3 sides so we have plenty of privacy. I have a cherry tree and a fig tree. Our new village is lovely, although very different. We are close to two rivers and canals and on a slope which used to be a vineyard. There is a vine in the garden so I’ve been reading up on how to prune it properly. We’ve been told that the grapes aren’t very good to eat, so who knows, we might make some wine!