Saturday, November 26, 2005

Advent 1
Hope everyone enjoyed their turkey and pumpkin pie. Now the count down to Christmas takes it’s turn. This afternoon Rob and I started getting out the decorations. We’ll be working on them for several days as he likes to decorate everything. We put away all of his photo albums (getting on for 40 I should think), all of the DVDs and a lot of books to make way for everything. Then comes the tree. This year I should be able to post some pictures.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Water, water
I don’t know if it’s the wine merchants getting their revenge for falling off sales, but we’ve recently been urged to drink tap water (quelle horreur!) here in France. Most people who drink water, drink bottled water. Yesterday on the evening news there was a report about how people had been warned in one region not to use tap water for drinking or cooking. Ha, ha ! Personally, I prefer fizzy water myself, it is recommended to change brands from time to time. Live, as I write, I am going to test a small glass of tap water before your very eyes (as it were)….. It’s nice and cold anyway…. there is definitely a chemical after taste. I don’t think I shall finish the glass.

We have a saying in France: “ If you’re thirsty, drink water”

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Winter is definitely here
We've had zero temperatures now for almost a week. Officially we don't get frost until mid- December if we get it at all. Yesterday Rob and I went out for a couple of walks as it was his day off. The sea was blue, the sky was blue and the marshes were blue. It was really beautiful, just to complete the picture a pair of swans flew across. Pity about the cold wind that was blowing

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Like an empty house
I feel as if I’ve been neglecting things of late. I know I’ve published some posts, but I feel as if the polishing hasn’t been done. I mean visiting all of my friends. I must admit my stats have dropped quote a bit recently. Have you noticed how houses ‘look’ empty very quickly when people move out. The garden might be left well groomed but the emptiness shows. Here the houses have shutters, but I can usually spot an empty house even when the shutters are closed. It feels like something is missing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A day late
Yesterday was Dom’s 17th birthday and, neglectful mother that I am, I didn’t post a Happy Birthday Dom. So here it is:

Happy Birthday Dom!!

(for yesterday)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Mighty:: God
  2. Gotta find time to ....:: do everything!
  3. Statistic:: numbers, numbers
  4. Midnight:: magic hour
  5. Thaw:: slush
  6. Hips:: child bearing
  7. Reader:: library
  8. Related:: family
  9. Brilliant:: bright
  10. Posture:: how to sit witha book on your head
Back to see the Swedish chef*
I had my yearly appointment with the ‘wimmins doctor’ on Saturday morning. It was not as stressful as last year as he knew where to look with his microscope and didn’t need to take a biopsy. I’m fine. When the results of the smear get back I’ve got to see my own Doctor and stop taking the hormones as I haven’t had a period for over a year now. I suppose the menopausal fun will begin shortly after that.

* see entry October 9th 2004

Friday, November 11, 2005

Today is a holiday in France, everyone takes the day off to remember the end of the first world war. In the village there is a small procession to the memorial and at eleven o’clock exactly a shot will be fired. The children from the primary school used to be invited to attend. I don’t know if they still go. My three certainly went several times. In France there are six men left alive who fought in the ‘great war’.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Olivier’s next adventure
He came home on Saturday afternoon with a broken brake cable on his BMX, unfortunately it was the only break that worked that broke (if you follow me). He was only going as fast as possible down a one way street the wrong way and shot across the main road and hit a wall (I do wish he’d spare me the details). He was very lucky there was nothing coming in either road. He hurt his wrist, but as he didn’t bother to tell me till the evening I figured the damage wasn’t too serious.

A few years ago one of the village lads was killed on his moped, on a Saturday afternoon. He ignored the stop sign at the crossroads near his home, unfortunately the driver of the car that hit him had stolen the car and was driving way over the limit. I dragged out the story again to emphasize that 14 year olds are not immortal, to much rolling of eyes. It’s hard being a mother.
I’m back!
We now own a super slim monitor by Atlantis Land (never heard of them). Is it super clear because of my new glasses or because it is super clear? We were all a bit lost. I didn’t see Dom all weekend because she was reading in her room, she usually comes out from time to time to chat with friends or do school work. During the holidays she decided to enter two short story competitions, fortunately she’d finished the first before the monitor blew up. She usually writes her ideas up in longhand first, so has got ahead with her notes for the second story. I was just getting the hang of writing AdWords so I was frustrated to be without a computer for so long. Rob and I went to a cyber café on Monday Morning for an hour. So now I know what that’s like. It was interesting to use a different computer for a change. All that rests of the original set up are the speakers.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
The monitor went sssshhhhhh pop so we're waiting for a new one, hopefully I'll be back around mid-month.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Living in an unparallel dimension
Today I was excited because I picked up my new glasses. I now have to wear glasses for seeing faraway and near to, but not all the time. The specialist told me to wear them all the time at first, so when I got home, I put them on. Rather weird, to say the least. Any parallel lines are not right. When I was preparing lunch the corner of the table to my left looked as if it had been raised by a foot. I expected everything to slide off the table! The computer is squashed up on one side and the keyboard undulates. I tried reading and found it awkward to find the right spot to put the page so I could see it clearly. I’ve also taken a paracetemol. I wish this keyboard would keep still! The girl in the opticians warned me about going down steps. Fortunately, we live in a bungalow. I suppose I shall fall down my first set of stairs in public.