Wednesday, April 28, 2004

To whom it may concern
I don't want to sleep with Britney anyway.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Busy Bee
I have been soooo busy so far this week. Up to my neck in lessons. Once again I've been given really nice kids to work with. It's such a good feeling when you see that they've finally understood something the've been struggling with for a while.

Any of you who visit The Report Card will know how frustrating life can be in a language school. I've been lucky up to now, but Karine, who does the office as well, has a pupil this week for French. No one told her he was dyslexic.

Monday, April 26, 2004

Mum: Did you taste any vodka while you were there?
Dom: No, but I really like gin.

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Elastic:: stretch
  2. Intervention:: operation
  3. Risk:: risk
  4. Junk food:: burgers
  5. Arrogance:: stupidity
  6. Responsibility:: grow up
  7. X:: =X
  8. Marshall:: sheriff
  9. Kill:: Bill
  10. Brother:: sister
It's fine day
I tried to buy that single years ago. It was very difficult because it wasn't in the charts so they didn't stock it. How did singles get into the charts?

It is a beautiful morning. My mauve irises are starting to flower. They are perfect. Everything is so green, in a couple of months it will all dry up and look like a desert. Will I be out enjoying all of this? No. Rob has lost the bill for when the computer was updated. If I have a moment could I possibly look for it. It might be folded into four amongst some other papers but he's not sure which or where. Unfortunately, I am better at finding things than he is, wouldn't you know it?
Dom's home
Well, she hasn't been sold into the white slave trade as her friends predicted. We were asked to be at the pick up point at 11.45 and they arrived five minutes later! She looked very tired and pale. We tried not to ask too many questions so I can't say much, except she had a great time. Everyone was very welcoming and she ate lots of cake. This morning I have found two weeks worth of laundry in the basket. I can't wait for her to wake up!
40% good, 60% bad
Yesterday evening, Rob found a site that helps you sort out your computer. I'll find the name when he comes home. He set it up to do an analysis and we got the result that 60% was badly installed. He's now done the necessary and we have 60%good, 40% bad. He still has some more steps to do. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Dear Mr. Sutton,
Please excuse me for copying your page onto my site without asking. I did try to send an e-mail, but your address is invalid. I looked for the transcription for "Who knows where the time goes" but could only find the lyrics.

Thank you anyway


PS Are you the bell ringer or the Tai Chi Chuan teacher?
Get our your guitars
I realize that Roy Harper is not to everyone's taste. I finally found the lyrics to one of my favorites. To be listened to with earphones in a darkened room.

"Roy Harper - Hallucinating Light
Transcription by Nigel Sutton (
Clues for the persistant. (computers - don't you just love 'em)

Regs, Vaguely Mindwarp (found but not bound)

P.S. This is a great song. Does anyone have a transcription for another great ballad - Sandy Denny's "Who knows where the time goes?".

A song transcription.

Hallucinating Light

Locked in mortal combat as the future shadows loom
The guardian of my spirit fights his way across the room
To where the sick majority infest the myths of doom
But the lanterns of children hold firm in full bloom

And we'll walk a long long way
Oh, together.
Though we found ourselves that way
Long before we knew.
Ah, but you know the way its worked I feel that
when I laugh it with your soul.
And when I cry..........................Its you

I ride inside the purple dawn collecting golden due
That falls from citidels of dreams I shake whilst flying through
Creation's key seems just in reach, ah but then its overdue
But as darkness surrounds us I'm reaching for you.

Far across the universe the goblins of the night
Sometimes corner sunrise and keep it out of sight
And wandering the crossing minds, hallucinating light
Is the dream that I have of you holding me tight.

It's standard tuning. The C/C, C/B are to represent bass notes. I've "remembered this whilst at work so its best treated as a set of clues rather than any gospel truth. "
Dr. Phil's test
I just took another test. Interesting results:

Others see you as sensible, cautious, careful & practical. They see you as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends too quickly or easily, but someone who's extremely loyal to friends you do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know you realize it takes a lot to shake your trust in your friends, but equally that it takes you a long time to get over it if that trust is ever broken.

To take the test, go here
Found at Chasing Daisy
I noticed lots of mistakes in my last post, which I will correct. Yesterday was AOL's hide and seek sites day, I think.

During the evening we put on 'Back to the Future'. Rob has recently bought the set of three films with extra footage. It's strange to see it in English, we have to get used to the different voices. Needless to say, we fell asleep. Funnily enough, we watched Titanic a couple of nights ago and stayed awake through the whole film. I was at school with a girl who's great aunt was on the Titanic, She survived, as she was a child in first class.

Dom's room is waiting for her. I've tidied up as much as I dare without disturbing her papers, it does look better. My problem this evening, when we pick her up, will be not to ask too many questions. We've also got to break the news about Jupiter, I wonder how she'll react.

While we were in town yesterday morning, Olivier and I went to the pet shop and looked at the guinea pigs. He rather fancies a rosette one. They were rather sweet. I think he's going to be reasonable and wait until we get back from holiday in July before he decides what to have.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Where we have been
We went off to Vendee yesterday, it's the department just above ours. Rob wanted to visit one of his colleagues who has just had her thyroid removed. They had to remove it because it would have blocked off her windpipe. (Are you listening Liz) She is so pleased she's had it done, there is just a very narrow scar which should be almost invisible this time next year. I was surprised to hear she is on exactly the same dose of Levothyrox as I am.

We then visited La Tranche-Sur-Mer which is our favorite beach, quite a few shops have re-opened, the season has begun. After eating we watched the surfers catching the last waves before the tide went out.

When we got home there was an e-mail waiting for us from Dom. She's now in St. Petersburg and really loves it. If all goes to plan we should pick her up at midnight on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

We never learn, do we?

Buffy Sainte-Marie
© Caleb Music-ASCAP

"I wrote "Universal Soldier" in the basement of The Purple Onion coffee house in Toronto in the early sixties. It's about individual responsibility for war and how the old feudal thinking kills us all. Donovan had a hit with it in 1965."

He's five feet two and he's six feet four
He fights with missiles and with spears
He's all of 31 and he's only 17
He's been a soldier for a thousand years

He's a Catholic, a Hindu, an athiest, a Jain,
a Buddhist and a Baptist and a Jew
and he knows he shouldn't kill
and he knows he always will
kill you for me my friend and me for you

And he's fighting for Canada,
he's fighting for France,
he's fighting for the USA,
and he's fighting for the Russians
and he's fighting for Japan,
and he thinks we'll put an end to war this way

And he's fighting for Democracy
and fighting for the Reds
He says it's for the peace of all
He's the one who must decide
who's to live and who's to die
and he never sees the writing on the walls

But without him how would Hitler have
condemned him at Dachau
Without him Caesar would have stood alone
He's the one who gives his body
as a weapon to a war
and without him all this killing can't go on

He's the universal soldier and he
really is to blame
His orders come from far away no more
They come from him, and you, and me
and brothers can't you see
this is not the way we put an end to war.
Fifth line, page 23
As seen at Life after NEXCOM and the Chucklehut.

I’m reading two books at the moment, Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert, lets see page 23:
« Quand j’ai eu perdu ma pauvre défunte, j’allais dans les champs pour être tout seul; je tombais au pied d’un arbre, je pleurais, j’appelais le bon Dieu, je lui disais des sottises; j’airais voulu être comme des taupes, que je voyais aux branches, qui avaient des vers leur grouillant dans le ventre, crevé, enfin. »
Trust me to find the longest sentence in the book !

I’m also reading (still, because I fall asleep after one page) The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams:
“Ford slapped a five pound note on the bar.”

Cassie-b has been talking about making soup out of leftovers, it reminded me of the house hold tips that used to be published in magazines:
  • If you don’t want your ice cubes to stick together pour some fizzy water onto them.

  • To make your Wellingtons shine, rub them with a mixture of vinegar and water (Didn’t you always want to know that?)

Have you got any trusted tips to pass on?
We're a little bit sad today
Olivier's hamster, Jupiter is dead. She was fine yesterday when I cleaned out her cage, she went off for a run round in her ball as usual. This morning I found her lying at an awkward angle, I wonder if she flipped herself out of her wheel, she would insist on getting out of it when it was going at top speed. She made a valiant effort to pull herself towards me, she always came over to greet me in the mornings, usually on her back legs like a plump white ballerina. She pulled herself along a bit more then went to sleep. Olivier is upset although he understood that hamsters don’t live for long

After my blogwalk I’ll go and dig a hole

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings
  1. Virginia:: Wolfe
  2. Soft:: Hard
  3. Carol:: Christmas
  4. Vanity:: Fair
  5. Feminist:: Germaine Greer
  6. Alias:: Smith and Jones
  7. Coward:: Noel
  8. Beer:: Belly
  9. Chance:: Lucky
  10. Honest:: Injun
How right they are
Twenty things that only happen in movies
Stolen from Michelle
Who got it from Kim

1. Go to your CD rack/shelf/room.
2. Select the 13th CD from the end of your collection
3. What's the 5th track?
4. List it on your blog, with a story of why you purchased this CD.
5. Link back to me - if you wish.

Eagles, very best of deluxe edition and the fifth track is...... Desperado. Now, why did I buy this CD? Probably because we were in a CD club, no one else wanted one and I got to choose for a change! Seriously though, the early 70's was when I was in my early 20's and the songs from that period of my life are very special to me.
I'm lovin' it.
This is going to cause a few problems. Love is a state verb, therefore should not be used in the present continuous. It can be used if we talk about a short period of time. Oh, that's okay then, if you're talking about fast food.

Sorry about this one but there's going to be an awful lot of correcting going on, especially in schools.
What do you think MrTeacher?
Nothing to worry about
The local paper gave a couple of square centimeters over to the oil spill. Because of the bad weather the currents were going the wrong way which is why the oil finished up on the beach. I get the impression the tankers that come into port expect to slosh a little oil around. They say the damage is so little that nothing is going to be done. Rob and I were wondering. Easter marks the beginning of the tourist season. Imagine the loss of income if details of an oil spillage got out now. If you come to beaches around La Rochelle this summer I recommend that you don't use your most expensive beach towels!

Sunday, April 18, 2004

It served him well
Early yesterday afternoon, Rob went out to mow the lawn. I could hear the noise as usual and then it stopped, too soon for him to have finished. For years one of the wheels was 'bent' and it had finally snapped off. When Rob came in and started to look at new mowers he calculated that he bought it 25 years ago! I think we deserve a new mower, don't you?
Bad news indeed.
Yesterday was a blistery, blustery day but sunny. Around four o’clock Rob and I decided to take a long walk. We even walked over to the other side of the port and sat on a bench and watched the sea and the passers by. As we were nearing home we say a clutch of Gendarmes’ vehicles by the crêperie. At first I thought someone might have fallen over the cliff. It’s very crumbly round here, though not too high, but high enough to do a lot of damage if you fell. As we got closer we could see that the gendarmes were collecting samples of sea water. I’d been moaning to Rob about the smell of petrol for some time. When we got to our ‘home’ stretch of beach it was all too easy to see black lumps on the water. Oil.

Later in the evening we walked back down to see what had been left by the tide. Our beach is a stony beach. The stones were covered in oozy black marks. I expect ‘cleaning’ will mean removing a lot of stones. This is usually done by the army etc. handling to ‘oil’ is not recommended for health reasons. Then there are the birds, fish, oysters and mussels. Nothing in today’s paper, but it’s not really a local one. The local news channel doesn’t do weekends. We’ll have to wait till tomorrow to find out more.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

A little piece of advice
A couple of Jehovah’s witnesses came to the door this morning. I did as I usually do for them, roof menders and potato sellers. I say “No thank you, goodbye” and close the door. It doesn’t work for the gypsy lady who sells bedding because she puts her bag in the doorway. Fortunately she hasn’t been for a few years now.

On the way to having his braces put in Olivier and I were talking about this, he wanted to know what they represent. So I told him they just want everyone to get into heaven. He said he thought he might become a Jehovah’s witness and asked what you have to do to become one. I didn’t have to go much further than give up Christmas and birthdays. So I said to him what I’d heard in a radio play the other day: “Don’t let religion put you off God”. The play took place just after world war one, it certainly needs to be said today.

Friday, April 16, 2004

I received an e-mail from ‘Rona asking if I knew whether there was much anti-American feeling in Ireland. Her daughter is going soon and has been warned there might be. As far as I know there isn’t a problem. Anything to report from the far flung corners of blogland?

I’ve changed the link to ‘Rona’s place and now you will go to the main page.
When I was in town this morning there were lots of police, cars with Parisian number plates and handsome bodyguards in dark glasses. Rob thinks that the Prime Minister is passing through. Good job I didn’t see him I would have thrown a rotten egg, if I had one on me.

My mission was to see Lionel about next week. He did a lot of movement of papers but couldn’t find anything. He’ll phone and let me know. I assured him I could get a course together in a couple of hours. I spent three weeks preparing work sheets etc. a few years ago and that hard work has been one of the best things I ever did. The week after next I have two pupils of the same level for 15 hours.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

This 'n That
AOL is being a real pain today. Whenever I start to post a witty comment everything disappears. I’ve added Rona’s Place to my blogroll, a brand new blog! Elsewhere, Zed is looking for ways to murder the twat (English meaning of the word here). I think that Patch may have taken up singing. If you want to learn about jock straps go and see Bill (You'll have to scroll down to the 'his' department). Pop to see Matthew, he's got a rather nice selection of young men to chose from. I’ve gone for #5, how about you? I’m trying to get round the rest but the ground keeps falling from beneath my feet as it were.

I’m rediscovering the Groundhogs, any one remember them?

I had 54 (fifty-four) visitors yesterday. A real record, thank you all so much. I can really see the friends of friends effect kicking in!

Later on I’m off to have my hair cut, back to what it was in the photo, I shall be so pleased to get rid of the fringe from my eyes.

Have a nice day

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Smile please
I found this on eleventwentyseven, a lot of photos of a baby who meets some impressive people. I think that it's great they took their time to have their photos taken and he has the most wonderful smile. Ahhhhhh!
A good read?
A new spam for me
Now I can have from 5-250% more seamen, or perhaps they mean more sea men?
Samantha’s babies
When I lived with my parents we had a beautiful white long-haired cat called Samantha. Sam started to have her babies pretty late for a cat. Mum found the first kitten, it was dead and deformed. Later she went on to have Widgely, which was my favorite cat of all time. This story isn’t about her. She then had a litter which Dad destroyed (we were farming folks remember). The last time she got pregnant she was more careful. When her time came, she came and woke me up. I dashed off downstairs to get an old blanket for her, Too late, when I got back her two kittens had already been born in my bed. I had to sleep down stairs with the old blanket!! Later she moved them to the back of the cupboard at the top of the stairs. There was not a single trace of the birth in my bed. She knew I’d plead their cause, so we kept the kittens, Nilla and Daisy on the condition I took Sam to the vets to have her ‘seen to’.
Good news week
I finished off my last evening pupil yesterday evening, he’s preparing for a months stay with a family in San Diego this summer (Reading back it looks like I killed him off). It was a bit sad, I usually have pupils I like, I grow fond of them and don’t see them again. The couple I was teaching another evening, talked about coming back, they felt that they’d learnt a lot.

Lionel was very happy, me too. There will probably be two weeks of morning lessons during the holidays. That means a lot of preparation, but I’m really looking forward to it. On Friday I shall pop by and see how many students, what levels etc. Hopefully I’ll have a weeks rest and them it’s EXAM TIME at Sup de Co again, for three whole weeks! Haven’t had my timetable yet, but with any luck, I’ll pick up a few hours.
Norton update, update
Rob sent me an e-mail lest night, we sometimes communicate like this because I am asleep when he’s computering into the small hours. We seem to have made progress with Norton:

Anji and ........................... etc !

Was given this FREE link direct to Norton (USA), which checks NORTON system!

We had OLD Norton live update sysyem which was why (perhaps) we were having probs!

Anyway, live update now works on antivrus (as well as firewall), so keeping fingers crossed for rest!

Want to let bloging friends know in case they have probs?

Tell them to be careful cos there is a FREE service and a PAYING one - I chose FREE service!

Perhaps some of you will find this information useful too. MrTeacher thinks that Norton could be responsible for global warming, you never know!

Monday, April 12, 2004

The toilet roll story
I think you know by now I used to work in a bank. Sometimes I had to go to the sub branch on the local trading estate. When the cash was delivered two of us had to be present to receive it, as we were running out of toilet rolls we popped to the cash and carry to collect twenty or so in a box. The carpark was by the river and was on quite a steep slope. As we got the box out of the car the bottom dropped open and all the toilet rolls rolled gaily down the hill. We must have amused quite a few passers by chasing our toilet rolls.
I am so cross!!!!!!!
I've just been asked on line if I'll translate someone's English home work for them. Their teacher would soon smell (read) a rat. I don't mind helping out, little explanations of rules etc. Also blogger disappeared twice while I was trying to post this.
The Visitors
Yesterday evening we watched the remake of the French film for the American market. It was very good, very funny. This has happened several times with French films. Why?

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Easter B
I just checked it out as there were no comments about it. It doesn't work, I rechecked the link I was given and it doesn't work any more, sorry about that. It was a really clever rap. Just imagine me dancing around a bit with big ears.... Perhaps not.
Of Hedgehogs and Leeks
Are there hedgehogs in the U.S.? Patch left a comment saying he didn't think there were. Also, I read somewhere years ago that leeks don't/won't grow in the U.S. If they don't grow, can you buy imported ones? Do you have hedgehogs in zoos?
From England with love
I'm really popular today, I received an e-mail from Christian telling me about his training week with ATE. He says he had a gr8 time!
Cook of the year (?)
Yesterday evening I cooked our Easter meal as Rob is working today and tomorrow. Roast leg of New Zealand lamb (yes, we can actually buy New Zealand lamb in France). The reason why I'm mentioning it is because it turned out perfectly, it was so tender. I made mint sauce too and remembered to serve it with the lamb. I was so proud of it. You can go back to sleep now.

Does anyone know how to cook roast beef so that it's not all tough and dried up?
From Russia with love
Dom just telephoned to let me know that she arrived okay. She's staying with a nice girl called Marie and sounds perfectly happy. Easter cake for breakfast!
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Boxing:: Day
  2. Lewis:: And Clarke
  3. Bodyguard:: Lancelot
  4. Burnout:: Smoke
  5. Cruising:: Gold Wing
  6. Easter:: Eggs
  7. AA:: Automobile Association
  8. Research:: Look
  9. Redemption:: Saved
  10. Snickers:: Marathon

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Into the garden
I did some gardening for about an hour and a half this afternoon. I work mainly on my hands and knees and frequently change jobs so not to finish with a stiff back. I was planning to have a bonfire on Tuesday morning but came upon some hedgehog droppings (scats?). The neighbours will have to bear with me a little longer. Things are certainly growing out there, especially the weeds.
Blog it Forward and I know I'm late (again)
I thought it would be a good moment to say a big thank you to Busy Mom for the link which has sent lots of people to have a look. You're very welcome to come again. I've now got 46 sites on my blogroll, they are all very different and I'm very fond of you all. There are thousands more that I could add I'm sure.
Goodbye Dom
This morning at 2a.m., we took Dom to catch the coach to the airport, the loading up took 10 minutes and they were off, no one was late. By now she should be waiting for the flight to St. Petersberg. The only thing I've found that she has forgotten is her 2in1 shampoo/conditioner. Her hair is like mine, only waist length, I suppose they do have conditioner in Russia.

They'll be travelling by bus to Petrozavodsk where they are staying and will arrive in the early hours of Sunday morning. They'll be visiting the university too.
Cadburys' creme eggs
Rob said that there were loads of creme eggs at the Irish Counter. We arrived at two minutes to ten and had to wait for the shop to open. NO EGGS! Fortunately Rob remembered seeing some in the window, saved. The last eggs in La Rochelle.

If you're ever near Bourneville, Birmingham, UK, you must visit Cadbury world.
Happy Easter everybody!!
Thanks to my cousin, the Easter B is here.

Friday, April 09, 2004

Norton update
I’m writing this on Thursday afternoon on word, Norton has deactivated itself again. Hopefully Rob will do as Jessica suggested and go to have the system analyzed on line. He’s also going to try downloading a free anti virus. Mr. Norton, we do have more interesting things to do in life you know.

Thank you for the helpful suggestions everyone

Not lucky day
I went to the supermarket today, as I do every ten days. When I got home the workmen were outside the house preparing to tarmac the road that they dug up a few weeks ago. I had to park round the side of the house and take the shopping over the wall to get it into the house (I didn’t want to leave it in the car as it’s started to get hot in the sun), fortunately we have a low wall. My back which was almost better, has started to hurt again. I carried a box of bottles round to the front door and a young workman had parked his van close to the wall in front of the gate, I managed to squeeze through, I was getting a little bit hot under the collar by then. The result was that I spent the whole morning on the shopping.

Olivier had a great day on his field trip
Not that he was that interested in what they were supposed to be doing. For lunch the college is supposed to provide a picnic for all who normally go to the canteen, from experience we know that the school picnic isn’t what you could call exactly designed for hungry, growing teenagers. Olivier requested sandwiches from the supermarket, ham and emmental. Well okay, saves me making them. I felt a little bit guilty, what will they think of a Mother who can’t even provide sandwiches on a once a year trip? Out of a class of 27, there were only five eating home made. Even one of the teachers had that little plastic triangular box in her bag.

Garden update

I took a little tour of the garden yesterday. There’s a lot going on at the moment. The irises are just starting to show signs of flowering and the wisteria has plenty of buds. A little thing that pleased me a lot was that I found some violets. I didn’t plant them. Our old neighbour was a keen gardener and I think that somehow seeds came across to us. It was a lovely surprise, I’m not going to pick them so that they spread. . Looking at the size of the plants, it’s going to be a good year for hollyhocks too. Yesterday when Dom was helping me with my photo I found some lovely ones of the garden that Rob took last year. I’ll try to get her to help me post them on the site.

Football (soccer)
Olivier spends a lot of time watching snips of films from past matches and studying games on the computer. Just by chance he’d been watching a goal by Thierry Henry (who else?) in a past match and noticed the same moves in a game. When he checked it out, yes they were the same! I suppose they use real moves all the time, but it’s quite a coincidence he should find the two almost at the same time.

Not a brunette!
Thank you to all those who commented on my picture. I really am a real blonde. Does anyone else dream about their blogger friends, like I do?

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hope you like the picture of me
I'll come up with a nicer one, soon. Did you imagine me like that? Dom was packing for Russia this morning so I took advantage of her good mood. I still don't understand what she did, she's a quick clicker.
Michelle's stamp
A few weeks ago I thought that I'd send a little card off to my friend in South Africa, Michelle. I chose one of my pretty teddy bear cards with a sweet envelope and wrote with my best handwriting (I only did one crossing out) in glitter pen. As Michelle had put such lovely South African stamps on her envelope, I foolishly thought that I could return the compliment with some French stamps (Though they are never that nice). At this point I think it important to point out that the staff at our post office are not famous for their hospitality. I presented my precious letter and asked if I could have some 'timbres de collection' put on my letter. "No, not for Africa you can't, we don't put special stamps on those." So I asked why on earth not, with relish Madame Post office told me that they steal the stamps and they usually steal the letters with them. I'll leave you to imagine who they are. Michelle, is this true and why didn't they steal yours?
Norton Anti Virus is playing us up at the moment. It disactivates and the only way to get it back is to reinstall it. Any ideas as to why it should do this? Rob is thinking of using another anti virus company, any recommendations? What about Firewall? I presume that goes with Norton only.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

What would I have done if I'd had a bad result? It's a tough one. Thank you Tilly Mint
Diamond Geezer
A really enjoyable read, where does he get his ideas? Found thanks to Zoe.
The Mermaid Tavern
Now has comments. A really great site with interesting ideas on day to day things like refrigerators, cookies, farm truck drivers, you know, the usual......
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Condemn:: Death sentence
  2. Promiscuous:: I'll have to think about that one
  3. Pro-life:: Anti Abortion
  4. Mona Lisa:: Smile
  5. Crown:: Teeth
  6. Mumble:: Speak up!
  7. Hack:: Detective
  8. Diet:: Coke
  9. Introduction:: Once upon a time......
  10. Latin America:: Brazil
It's not Friday 13th, is it?
Olivier was in a foul mood this morning. He's going on a geology field trip today and it was pouring with rain this morning. He was ill last week and we had to fetch him from school. Part of the trouble was that he won't go to the toilet when he's at school (I know, everyone hates school toilets). This morning he felt he needed to go but couldn't so he was muttering about that. He missed the bus, no problem, I can drive him there. Half way to school he asked if I'd packed a spare pair of socks (risk of wet feet on this trip), which I hadn't. I am the most incompetent Mother in the universe. I can't collect him tonight either, he'll have to wait for a bus. Perhaps I won't bother to come home this evening.

The sun is shining now, hope it is wherever he is.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

While I was soundly asleep in my bed, people came looking for the Pasha of Marrakech, Chinese blogs and "Hello Mother Hello Father". What a strange world I've created.
I'd like to say that since I've changed from 'musings' to 'scrapbook', I feel more at ease.

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Nick Drake
In the late 60's early 70's Island records released compilations of songs by artists recording with them. There was Free, Cat Stevens, Sandy Denny, Quintessence etc. I loved a couple of songs by a young singer called Nick Drake, his songs were so romantic. With nothing better to do this week I looked him up on the internet, the site were quite easy to find. I didn't know this, he died in 1974 aged 26.
Star of CDrom
Olivier used to have a friend whose mother was a freelance journalist. One day she contacted me as Alsthom, the train builders were making a Cdrom about the new Xter. Would I be interested in doing the English voice over? I was. I was a bit disappointed as the ‘recording studio’ was just a computer. I did my bit in just an hour and a half. For the French part, they hired a professional actress, she took hours and hours apparently. I was pleased because if they needed an English voice again they might just think of little efficient old me.

About a year later she needed a voice for a CDrom on two storage bins at the port of La Pallice. Bertrand I and Betrand ll. You can’t miss them they dominate the skyline over to the south of here. This time I was in real live recording studio. It’s quite a strange sensation being all alone the other side of the window. It was fascinating how they could speed things up and slow things down to suit the images without distorting my voice.

I’ve never seen the finished CDroms, perhaps one day.
to Christian on line yesterday. He's going on a course for a week today. He wants to be monitor to a group of French children who are going to England in August. He's really looking forward to it. He woke up yesterday morning and his leg was hurting. They operated on his knee just before Christmas. I hope it doesn't give way again.

On Thursday morning I sorted out the old medicines to take to the Pharmacy. A lot of them were from when Christian was ill. I was surprised at how upset I felt, they stirred up some strange memories. I was glad to hand them over, I can tell you.

Friday, April 02, 2004

Another quiz
I had this idea all by myself. Do you remember the song 'Ode to Billy Joe' by Bobby Gentry? Legend has it that they threw Bobby's rag doll off the Tallahatchee Bridge.

1. What do you think they really threw off the bridge?
2. Where is Bobby Gentry now?

For Bill
A little while ago I read that Bill had been given some Cajun (?) food to try and it didn’t taste the same as he was used to. (I can’t find the post , so perhaps it wasn’t Bill after all, any way I’m sure he would be interested in this.) It reminded me of this passage from Blue Highways:

“It was past noon and I could have had lunch from any of two dozen frylines without knowing I was seven hundred miles from home. Maybe America should make the national bird a Kentucky Fried Leghorn and put Ronald McDonald on the dollar bill. After all, the year before, franchisers did nearly three hundred billion dollars of business. And there’s nothing wrong with that except the franchise system has almost obliterated the local cafes and grills and catfish parlors serving distinctly regional food, much of it made from truly secret recipes. In another time, to eat in Frankfort was to know you were eating in Kentucky. You couldn’t find the same thing in Lompoc or Weehawken. A professor at the University of Kentucky, Thomas D. Clark, tells of an old geologist who could distinguish local cooking by the area it came from and whether it was cooked on the east or west side of the Kentucky river.”
William Least Heat Moon, Blue Highways, 1982

Having quoted all that, I’d like to say that I enjoy reading about people’s enjoyment of good food, whether cooking or just eating out. My American blogger friends especially. I think it’s rather unfortunate that a lot of French people, who have never been to the states, think that the only food consumed in the U.S. is à la McDonalds.

P.S. Bill and Stacey now have a cookery blog
Found the post I was after on there too!
Busy day
Yesterday was one of the busiest days my blog has ever had. Thank you.

The chernobyl entry left me with some interesting comments:
In France we used to have advertisements telling us that we didn’t have electric cookers, drills, heating etc., we had nuclear cookers, drills heating etc. It didn’t last too long. I seem to remember hearing that people who live near nuclear power stations in France don’t pay local taxes because the revenue is so great from the sale of electricity. I know that the UK buys some of it.

Talking about thyroid problems, when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s in the mid nineties I was amazed at how many of my French friends had had cysts removed from their thyroids. One of them was a nurse who had discussed this at length with the specialist. He had definitely had more business since chernobyl. One lady I know had had cancer and her thyroid was removed. Just as she moved away from the village she had discovered that the cancer had spread to her nasal passages. I’m afraid we didn’t keep in touch.

ON a lighter note, our thyroid specialist is gorgeous!!

Thursday, April 01, 2004

This was amongst the treasures Linky and Dinky sent me this week, weird and sad.
Rob just sent me a message
to say that to repair the indicator cost 15euros/$/£10. We are rather pleased and relieved.

He's on strike today, I don't know what for. It's been planned for some time. I think a few more might go on strike now as Rafferin is still prime minister.