Thursday, July 31, 2003

Fruit cake for hamsters! Fruit cake for hamsters!!!!!
This is what I bought today. I know you shouldn't take children shopping with you. Anyway we've agreed half a cake every two weeks. (It's got sugar in too) Jupiter is very pleased, she's all ready fallen off it twice.
Can someone explain to me why Dom spends ten times more than I do on products for shaving her legs?

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Did you see what I did there?
I used my little HTML book to help me use bold and italics and bold italics. Yes, I do realise there are buttons put here very kindly by Mr. Blogger to help me. I just wanted to see if it works for me!! Dom pointed out the other day that we have a program that translates things into HTML if we want to use it. I am being an independant woman here. Next we are going to include comments that are not to be displayed. (Doesn't sound quite right to me)
RSS feed!?!?
I've got some information about it, though I'm not really sure what it is. I still have nightmares about all of the terrible things that happened when I first tried to put in a comments box.
This is an experiment
this is another experiment
and this is another
My cousin Paul
Is a musician and manages a bookshop on the Isle of Wight. While I was in England his proud Aunt, my Mum, showed me an article about him and put on a demo tape he has made. I liked it, though I didn't have time to listen to it all. This morning, I put his name into Google and loads came out. Sounds like there is a pretty good music scene going on the island. If you want to read about him go here.

Monday, July 28, 2003

La tranche Sur Mer is our favourite sea side place. If you're into surfing (on water) look here. We had a great day although it was quite windy. The picnic was a bit sandy.
Olivier had his first trampolining experience of the beach. He says it's just like flying. He didn't want to try out sumersaults- this time!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

bit Olivier. He had just presented her with her new wheel, I think that they were both a bit over excited. She's moved her bedding out of her little house into a corner. Looks like the little house has been designated to a toilet. Hamsters have no notion of etiquette. Olivier had a bad day yesterday, the chips (fries) at Macdonald's were very pale and uninteresting. I think they've changed the potatoes that they use.
Here I am again
with nothing to say! When I'm in the middle of doing something else I think up really profound and interesting posts. Then, like a dream they're gone from my memory forever. My news letters form tell me that they are using blog form now for their main pages.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

This is really funny
I bought
myself a tiny book on HTML while I was in England. It's got a glossary at the back so maybe I'll be able to understand some of the blogs I visit when they start getting technical. I just need to find the time to read it!
Is settling down really well. Unfortunately, she has to sleep in the kitchen as her wheel makes too much noise. When I get up early she's whizzing around like a mad woman. She gets out of her wheel from time to time and checks the side of her cage. I'm sure someone's told her that if she goes fast enough her cage will move along! We have taken some photo's, I'll try to get Dom to help me put them here for you to see.

Friday, July 18, 2003

Happy Birthday!
Nelson Mandella, 85 years old today. Hope he has lots more.
The problem with holidays...
Rob and Dom are at home full time so I don't get near the computer!The only reason why I'm here now is that Dom is staying at a friends. Olivier is pleased too. I found a copy of "The Green Mile" at the supermarket so I bought it for Dom, Olivier has started to read it too. He says it's better than Harry Potter. Is it suitable reading for a twelve year old? I'm waiting for rows when she gets home and finds he's borrowed it.
The main event of the week:
Olivier has finally got his hamster! I was very impressed, he even checked out various shops to see how they were handled, etc. He finally chose a Russian hamster, or rather she chose us, running up to the window and sniffing us out. Up to now, feeding and watering has been done by him without prompting, I hope that cage cleaning will be as easy. Oh yes, she's called Jupiter.

Monday, July 14, 2003

Some more pictures. Don't forget Ledbury, We stayed in Colwall near Malvern. Elgar was born and lived in this area too!( On the Elgar site there is a tour and there you'll see where Rob and I grew up.) Though Rob played the piano and I the 'cello, we aren't that musical.
When we are in Worcester,
we go to the Cathedral for lunch, coffee and gift shop. at the beginning of July there is an exhibition of work from the surrounding schools. It's really colourful and I'm pleased to see that my old school has very high standards in the art department. Here is a very light hearted look at the Cathedral. I'm trying to find some pictures of the stained glass windows, my favourite part.
Home again
Yes, we're back home. As Rob always organises 'lots of things to do', I'm exhausted. It's still hot here too. The garden is sort of dirty brown.

I do not recommend travelling by coach for 24 hours. Especially as we weren't supposed to eat. Sleeping is almost impossible. Yes we did get stops, so we were all out their eating out sandwiches etc.