Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 seems to be seeping in too

Christmas and New Year sort of slipped by a little too quickly – they get faster every year. Happy New Year to anyone who reads this; I hope that 2017 is a good one for you.

We had a quiet Christmas: Olivier came home for a few days and then went off to spend New Year with friends.

The good news is that Olivier will be starting a new job in February – in Prague! As his mum I am a little sad that he is moving so far away, though I’m really looking forward to going to visit him in his new country! All of this has brought back lots of memories of when Rob and I gave up our banking jobs and moved to France, 32 years ago.

We had sad news at the beginning of the year; Rob’s mother died at the age of 94. She had been more or less asleep since mid December, so it didn’t come as a shock, it’s still upsetting just the same.

I only wrote 21 new posts for this blog last year. Hopefully I’ll do better this year. The best year was 2005 with 336 posts – almost 1 a day!

Monday, December 19, 2016

My new book has arrived!

I'm very pleased to announce the arrival of my third book, 'Beausejour'. It’s available for Kindle on Amazon. I’m not putting a link directly for my book here as it won’t work in all countries. The best is to go to Amazon and search for my name in the Kindle Store.

If you're interested you can visit my page at Author Central.

Monday, November 21, 2016

The big small button scandal

Have you noticed how buttons appear to be smaller on new clothes? I’ve been wondering how much is saved in button costs by downsizing them. I’ve been having problems doing up buttons recently. This is all very well for teenage fashions, but today I’m just wearing a checked, brushed cotton shirt; sensible and warm. My hands are older now and my fingers not as supple as they used to be, so every morning finds me struggling to button up the blouse or shirt I’m planning to wear.

 I’ve also noticed that the button holes don’t appear to be smaller to match, so the buttons don’t stay buttoned! I suppose the next step will be manufacturers downsizing button holes to save on thread costs.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The 'Lac de Frace'

Towards the end of September we went for a walk at the Lac (lake) de Frace. It’s not far from where we live but we’ve only visited once before. The weather was good, it was early evening and the main season was finished so that it was very peaceful. We almost had the place to ourselves!

Friday, September 09, 2016

And now it's September!

I seem to be posting here once a month this year. I’ve been very preoccupied with my business as eBay wants our announcements to be compatible for the app for smart phones. As it happens we had started cleaning up our older announcements before eBay mentioned the changes. We now have over 7000 postcards online!

The weather has been very hot for about a month. I spend most of my time indoors with the shutters closed. Keeping the shutters closed helps to keep the rooms cooler.

Olivier has finished his studies and has a job in the bank where he took his apprenticeship. He really enjoys his work, looking after business customers. He’s expected to visit them and he loves doing that as he gets shown around and can better understand how the businesses are run.

This September is the first year we haven’t had any of our children going into education of some sort since Christian started school back in September 1989. Dom is starting her second year of lecturing at Essex University. She and J-M love living in the UK, they don’t regret moving at all.

All in all we’ve had a good summer up to now.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Wrong number!!

Somewhere in France last week a group of boys went off to football camp. I don’t think that they were very old as one was crying as the coach left and another had his birthday while he was away. The parents were anxious to know that their sons had arrived at their destination safely.

What does this have to do with you Anji? You may well ask. My phone number was given out to the parents in error and they were phoning a lot at the beginning of the week. At the end of the week it started up again; the parents had been given 3 different times of arrival. Not a very well organized trip. I hope that the budding footballers enjoyed themselves.

Sunday, July 03, 2016

June has come and gone...

I can’t believe that I didn’t write a post during the month of June. Rob had some time off so we were busy on those days.

I think that the highlight of the month must have been our visit to the Château de Crazanne. The weather was beautiful and we were the only tourists as the season hasn’t really started yet. We had the guide to ourselves and had a really interesting tour of the inside of the chateau.

We ate a picnic lunch in the grounds under a huge tree. We even shared our crumbs with some very polite ducks who waited at a discrete distance until we had finished eating.

 Did I mention that I love trees?

On the way home we went to take some odds and ends to Emmaüs (a charity shop) and to have a look around. Came home with one or two books; I love that place.

Just a small sample of what they've got; much more inside

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Comings and goings

I have my “smart” phone back again. Everything is in perfect order and working well.I didn't think that I would miss it so much.

Olivier came home for a few days. He seems well and happy and will be starting work properly in the first few days of June. He will be doing the job that he has been doing for some time anyway. I think he’ll enjoy it more knowing that it really is his job and he will be paid properly for it.

Olivier left and it was Rob’s turn to have a few days off. We didn’t do much really – caught up on sleep mainly and went for walks. Yesterday was strange; I was all on my own, all day long for the first time in a while.

This morning I went to see the Rheumatologist about my knee. It was very swollen and painful at the end of March. Fortunately it is much better now, but I will have to have gel injected into it during the month of July . I’ve coped with the pain etc. much better this time, I think. I meditate everyday when I can which I find helpful. My Doctor also told me to try to keep the leg straight when sitting for long periods. That has been a gold nugget of advice for me, as I work using the computer almost all day. I only took 4 out of the painkillers my doctor gave; me two of which were for a headache and back ache. Would you believe I put my back out one morning when I was putting eye drops into my eyes?

Not much fun getting old sometimes.

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Just over a week ago, my super intelligent phone died on me (not so smart after all). I was just sorting out my photos on the cloud thingy and everything went dark. I fiddled, did soft resets, tried to charge the battery up. Did you know that if the battery gets too low, it isn’t strong enough to charge up again? I’m pretty expert at getting the back off the phone now.

I’ve been using my old Samsung as an alarm in the morning and after meditation. It’s a rather harsh sound compared to the gentle music I’m used to nowadays.

Rob took the dead phone into work to show a colleague who knows about these things and he’s ordered a new battery. Now we have to wait for it to arrive. I really hope I haven’t lost everything. My photos are okay – I was looking at them on the cloud thingy; -which is where I came in.

Monday, May 09, 2016

8th May 2003

… Was the date of my very first blog post. Blogging has come a long way since that date 13 years ago. I didn’t understand anything at first and relied a lot on the help of my children.

 Archives had to be added to a blog manually and comments were added from a third party. A lot of early bloggers had broken hearts as comment’s sites disappeared or merged and comments were lost forever.

I learnt to make alterations to my blog by using HTML. I’ve still got my to HTML, but I haven’t needed to use it for a few years. Widgets were invented so lots of bits and pieces could be rapidly added at the click of a mouse. Even I could do that.

Blogging has slowed down quite a bit these days as people post to Facebook; even I’m guilty of that. I still love my blogs – all 6 of them!

Here is what my blog looked like in March 2004, thanks to the Wayback Machine.