Friday, May 30, 2003

Just testing to see what happens. Sorry about the terrible mess.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

FTP log
It talks to itself about bat caves and things. I will have to consult one of my children who, of course, were born clutching a mouse.

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I haven't got many yet but I am trying to publish my archives I've been trying to find out what FTP is and I've just noticed 'FTP log' just below here. Let's have a look......

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I had to go to the Doctor's for my regular check-up on my thyroid. That was fine. Last Monday I had a megraine for the first time in my life, my blood pressure is up too (14,1/2 10,1/2 in French) so now I'm taking Beta Blockers, I am beginning to feel really old. I have another check-up in a month. My lessons start winding down next week so hopefully I can rest a bit and relax. I really feel like painting again. Now that would be nice.
Christian's gums are still hurting from having his wisdom teeth removed last week.

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Happy Birthday
Bob Hope is 100 years old today!

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Sunday, May 25, 2003

How to make friends and influence people
Now you can be
well read

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Number 13
I've just had a look at how poeple are finding my blog. On Yahoo I'm item number 13 if you are looking for Whore House. I suppose I'll be there again now. I was hoping to become famous for 'nicer' things.

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The worse part;
Christian had his wisdom teeth taken out. He stayed at the clinic for twenty-four hours and still feels a bit rough three day later. He’s got perfect teeth, had we left the wisdom teeth to grow they would have pushed them all out of line. He’s the only one in our family to have good teeth. Dom is in the process of finishing with braces and Olivier will start in September. Olivier would have been okay if he hadn’t of had an argument with a post a few years ago.

I’m so tired at the moment. Next week I have a day and a half of exams, then it’s finished. My lessons start to dry up in June. At college, the older pupils are on work experience for three weeks. My private groups finish in the second week. After that I hope to get down to some gardening, decorating and general clearing out. With any luck, I’ll get some private work in August.

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A very busy week….
As well as my usual work I’ve been supervising exams at the Ecole Superior de Commerce. At the beginning of the examination you can cut the air with a knife, as time goes on the atmosphere loosens up a bit as people get down to work The last half hour is the slowest.

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Monday, May 19, 2003

Rain, rain, rain,
Today is wet windy and cold for May. The flowers are looking good! This afternoon I'm off to the 'Ecole Superior de Commerce' to supervise exams. I quite enjoy it. How else would I get a class of twenty students to keep silent for four hours?

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

Yesterday, the 17th May, was Norwegian independence day. So belated happy independence day to any Norwegians who happen to pass by.

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Olivier has won the scooter races for the forth time!!! Every May in our village for the past eleven years we have held scooter races for all of the children aged between six and twelve. A few years back the first round was quite interesting . A lot of children had never tried scooting before. Nowadays everyone owns super dooper scooters, the races are much faster. Needless to say we provide the scooters so that everyone has an equal chance. They are the old fashioned kind. It must be like riding an old bike that doesn’t have inflatable tyres.

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Friday, May 16, 2003

My shares are now on the market at Blogshares!!! They are worth $0.23 each. I have just about more than doubled my original $500. I wonder what playing the real shares market would be like?

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My Ironing music this week:
The best of Art Garfunkel. Now you can have a guess at my age. The kids hate it

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Blue Highways.
I’m still reading William Least Heat Moon’s (I love his name) book. It is my ‘waiting room’ book at the moment. Between buses I read about the Hopi Indians. I’m going to find out more on the internet later. He talks about the Whore-houses of Ely, he overheard a conversation between two old men who are obviously past visiting such places, it’s really funny.
A couple of years ago some neighbours/neighbors of mine who used to live in New York cleared out their books and gave me a huge pile. I was delighted, there was an interesting selection of authors; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Virginia Woolf, E.L. Doctorow, Fay Weldon, Kate Atkinson, Ayn Rand and so on. I have promised myself to read them all. Hopefully not always in waiting rooms.

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Strikes and more strikes.
Had quite a different morning yesterday morning. I arrived at college as usual and took my class upstairs as usual. As we started work we noticed a lot of noise in the courtyard below. As I only work two hours a week at that particular college I didn’t know that a meeting had been called during the first hour to consider whether to continue the strike. Were my class mad!. I stood my ground and continued the lesson. I felt such a fool when I returned to the staff room afterwards. Fortunately every one found it amusing. I wasn’t regarded as a strike breaker. The strike was continued so the kids were sent home so I came home an hour earlier than usual. The silly season has started, with exams, outings and courses my timetable is disappearing into nothing. Nice if the weather is good but I don’t get paid.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I have learnt a big lesson today
I did a really long post and A.O.-you-know-who cut me off!! The little messages came up in a flash. Perhaps they were hidden behind?
Some of it was about the general strike in France over pensions. Some poeple could end up working well into their 70's. I also dragged out an old diary...
Saturday, May 14th 1983
I'd not long moved into my very own home all by myself and I loved it! That day I started making some patchwork cushions and I made some cup cakes. I warned you it wouldn't be exciting. In the evening, I babysat for some friends who made their own beer. That was more interesting

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Monday, May 12, 2003

My shares
I've now got my site onto Blogshares. I don't know how buying and selling starts up. I think I have to have a few visitors first. I know that I've had one visitor. Thanks Zoe. I've also checked my blogroll, it all works now. I'm not too hot in copy and paste it seems.
For any new visitors: I'm afraid that I've only just moved in. You'll have to sit on that old packing case over there and I'll look and see If I've got any tea left in the flask. I expect I'll start decorating soon. Let's just get posting an entry without losing it three times out of the way first, shall we?
I've actually got some time this morning, no lessons, the kids went to school at 7.20 and Rob has a day off so he's sleeping. I should wake him really but he'll want to use the computor. I'm 5th in line.....
I haven't got any archives for the moment but I did keep a page a day diary from 1974 till 1991 so from time to time I'll have a look at 'this day 20 years ago' or something. Not that I did anything interesting. I'll probably be able to tell you the sandwiches I bought for lunch.(Usually egg and cress on brown bread). If you were expecting hot memoires I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.

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