Thursday, May 08, 2003

At last!!!! I've arrived
in blog land! I've been visiting blogs for a while now and I've decided to join
the club. Dom has helped me to set it up, so I hope she brings me luck. I must
admit I feel a bit inhibited at the moment . The real philosophical stuff will
come later. Ahem. A few words about myself. Dom says I'm a very old woman (40
something) . I'm married and I have three wonderful children; Christian
Dominique and Olivier. I'm English but I've been living in France since 1985. I
wouldn't go back to live in England again because I have a brilliant job here
teaching English to problem children. At least I try :o))


Doris said...

A belated welcome to blogland Anji :-) Ten years on and do you think you've got the hang of it now? :-)

Anji said...

Doris: This is almost time travel! Thank you.