Sunday, July 30, 2006

I’ve been troubled
Something has been on my mind for a little while now. I’ve got lots of memories of when I was a child, my childhood seems to have lasted a long time. My own three children seem to have grown up so quickly. I really do wonder if they’ve had the time to build up as many memories as I did?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Interesting bits
(for me anyway) I've added 'Is It Raining?... I Hadn't Noticed' to my blogroll. It makes me laugh, I suppose you could call them cartoons. I get the feeling he's learning all about babies at the moment.

I always got the impression, looking at the map, that Australia is so far away from everywhere else (I never did well in geography). So I was only too pleased to send a postcard to this lady in Australia.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Noisy Neighbours
I don’t think that I’ve mentioned our new neighbours before. That’s how quiet they are. Until Saturday night. When I went to bed I could hear music, but I wasn’t sure where it was coming from. I got up later and there was still music, very loud with lots of shouting and chanting. When Olivier came in he told us that it was coming from next door. It was still loud and clear when I fell asleep at two. Unfortunately, the children’s bedrooms are on that side of the house and they had to keep their windows closed to shut out the noise a bit. Like Dom and I said, it wouldn’t have been too bad if they had better taste in music.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Get out those pens!
Have you heard of They run poetry competions, for example, $100 everyday. There are also bigger contests where you could win $1,000 or even $10,000. You can enter as many times as you like! There is also their banner at the bottom of this page.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another week rolls on…
We are melting here. Unfortunately, reports of deaths because of the heat are starting. Yesterday evening Rob and I went for a swim, it was heaven. The water was comfortably warm yet still cool enough to be refreshing. Though the temperature is down a couple of degrees today we’ve still got more heat to come.

I took my results to show to the doctor. My kidneys are okay. I’ve been drinking a lot of water so the results are ‘diluted’! He says that my thyroid is okay as it’s only just over and is really pleased with my blood sugar. So I don’t need to take any medication . I’m going back for a check up in FOUR months instead of three. Aren’t I a clever girl?

Rob sent me an email saying that I should remind you all that tomorrow is world jump day.

Friday, July 14, 2006

This week
It is still very very hot.

Lots of paper work to be filled in by Dom at the moment. Mainly to do with us guaranteeing the payment of her rent next year. She calculated how much money she’d need to get by, we did the same and she checked on a help site online and we all came up with roughly the same figure. Good job she gets a ‘grant’ to help and we’ll pay the rest.

I went for blood tests last Friday and lugged in 24 hours of pee for the rest of the tests. Good news is cholesterol and blood sugar. Bad news; creatinine (kidneys?) isn’t as it should be, I’m hoping it’s because of the very hot weather we’ve been having. Triglycerides are up as usual and my thyroid is making itself heard for the first time in a couple of years. I’ve read that menopause causes thyroid changes too. I feel fine in myself. A little tired sometimes and there are occasional days when I’m really ratty. I shall see the doctor next week.

My MIL had tests for her thyroid in England and has to wait several weeks for the results. I went in at 8.30 on Friday morning and was opening the envelope 25 hours later. Our labs are private here, what a difference!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Another nice postcard story
Rob put this postcard of around 1926 up for sale on eBay and received a question from someone who wanted his email address. The person had taken an up to date photo of the same view and we were pleased to see that nothing has really changed. The church has been restored and the trees have grown. I think that the vintage postcard community is a really friendly one.
All’s quiet on the Western Front
We called to see our friend who has recently changed restaurants. The new one is on the front in a smaller town. It’s very modern and seats around 300. Her old place was in an old building and seated 60. After a hot June the real season has started with storms and rain. People stay in to watch the world cup so it’s really quiet at the moment. Rob has almost nothing to do at the moment at work. Hopefully it will pick up. If not the news in September will be all about what a bad season everyone has had.
Movin’ on
Dom got her results at the beginning of the week. Excellent results, of course, history was a surprise; full marks! She didn’t do as well in philosophy as she thought, but the marking is very strict. Olivier’s results came out yesterday but the site was overloaded so he didn’t get to see them. He was marked over the year too so he knows he didn’t have to get too high a mark to pass.

We’ve entered a new phase in our family life. Boys calling to take Dom out in their cars. I really like the two boys so I’m not worried about her going off with them at all. I just feel really old now.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

What a week
The spell checker has stopped working, sorry about any stupid mistakes.
Olivier has finished his exams and that is the end of our 8 years history with the college. Rob and I went to enroll him at his Lycée on Thursday. It was a bit all over the place, going to different rooms for different parts of the enrollment. We were sent the wrong way once and queued for a while in the wrong place, only to be sent off elsewhere in order to come back later, if you see what I mean. At least we are familiar with thecorridorss! Dom has got a room in a hall of residence. It's not in the building she wanted and she will have to use communal showers and toilets, but she has somewhere to go in September.

It's been very very hot again. I suffered quite a bit at the beginning of the week as I'd eaten all the wrong things for a couple of days. It really does make a difference now. I've been having quite a few hot flashes/flushes, mixed with the high temperatures, not much fun. My foot hurts at the base of my little toe. The skin isn't broken or anything but I'm going to mention it to the doctor next time I go. Having said that my blood sugar readings have been pretty good. I received a new notebook from Roche and it's been updated and revised. Olivier had been worrying about what to do if I had 'a funny turn'. The notebook explains, so he's happy. (nice to think he's worried about me dropping down dead).

Rob and I played super heros again when we came across a fire near to the beach. We alerted the mayor who had it put out. Had it spread to the field of now ripe wheat, it would have reached the first row of houses. The mayor said that they found an abandoned lighter nearby, was it arson? A few years ago the village was surrounded by fields on fire when a young man was starting fires all over for 'amusement'.
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