Sunday, July 02, 2006

What a week
The spell checker has stopped working, sorry about any stupid mistakes.
Olivier has finished his exams and that is the end of our 8 years history with the college. Rob and I went to enroll him at his Lycée on Thursday. It was a bit all over the place, going to different rooms for different parts of the enrollment. We were sent the wrong way once and queued for a while in the wrong place, only to be sent off elsewhere in order to come back later, if you see what I mean. At least we are familiar with thecorridorss! Dom has got a room in a hall of residence. It's not in the building she wanted and she will have to use communal showers and toilets, but she has somewhere to go in September.

It's been very very hot again. I suffered quite a bit at the beginning of the week as I'd eaten all the wrong things for a couple of days. It really does make a difference now. I've been having quite a few hot flashes/flushes, mixed with the high temperatures, not much fun. My foot hurts at the base of my little toe. The skin isn't broken or anything but I'm going to mention it to the doctor next time I go. Having said that my blood sugar readings have been pretty good. I received a new notebook from Roche and it's been updated and revised. Olivier had been worrying about what to do if I had 'a funny turn'. The notebook explains, so he's happy. (nice to think he's worried about me dropping down dead).

Rob and I played super heros again when we came across a fire near to the beach. We alerted the mayor who had it put out. Had it spread to the field of now ripe wheat, it would have reached the first row of houses. The mayor said that they found an abandoned lighter nearby, was it arson? A few years ago the village was surrounded by fields on fire when a young man was starting fires all over for 'amusement'.

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