Saturday, September 08, 2012

Oh no, not another Glossy Box post!

When I lived in England I used to be a member of the Universal Beauty club. Every couple of months I would receive a box of beauty goodies in the post. It cost £5 at the time. When I left the country nearly 28 years ago, I had to cancel my membership as they didn’t ship abroad. I was really pleased to see a news report about these beauty boxes at the beginning of the summer and decided to sign up for Glossy Box.

I’ve seen blog posts and videos on YouTube about the boxes, but all by younger girls. I thought I do a report for the oldies. They ask you to complete a profile, so remembering that I’m between 50 and 60 years old, blonde with blue-grey eyes, combination skin and describe myself as smart casual, this is what I got this month:

Heel repair cream: Useful after wearing sandals all summer. I’m very fussy about my footwear so my feet are in pretty good condition anyway . This has a minty smell!

Eye pencil.: Just as my purple eyeliner died, I received this. It’s golden brown so I’ll have to experiment with different eye shadows to see if I will use it much it or not. I like the texture.

Body cream: I love this, just like a tube of paint! It is a light cream and spreads on easily. It smells nice and fresh, a bit like baby products.

Silk infusion: for hair and skin: you don’t need to rinse it off. Is it like a conditioner? I might pass this one to Dom.

The booby prize as far as I’m concerned: I have to swallow enough pills for medical reasons so I wouldn’t risk these which are to help your skin and preserve your tan. I don’t sunbathe so I don’t have to worry about preserving my tan anyway. Probably end up in the bin at the chemists (to be disposed of correctly).

The fist box I had last month had perfume in it.  I would have liked some this time too – perhaps next month.  The box costs 10€ plus 3€ postage.  I think that it is worth it as I will use everything.  The boxes are very well made too and pretty.  I’m keeping them for gift wrapping and to keep treasures in.


stefani said...

I have never heard of these boxes. Yours is the 2nd post I have read this week about them. Now, I want one!

Anji said...

Stefani: I like the surprise element and I get to try out products I might not have bought normally.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Salad box just recently launched here in Philippines and it's our local version of Glossy box. It's pretty expensive for a monthly subscription if all I'd be getting is just a box full of samples with products that I might not like.

Anonymous said...

I used to get something like this many years ago. I loved getting them but I stopped. I don't wear makeup anymore, but I like the foot cream.

Connie in Reno, NV
My blog is

Anji said...

Itin Bique Calvo: I'm happy to experiment and I will pass the things I don't like on to my daughter. The price has just gone up here, so I will be watching closely to see that it is still vallue for money.

Connie: it's funny, I wear more make up nowadays that I work from home! like foot cream too, especially peppermint perfume.

Doris said...

Cool - looks like such fun to checkout the surprises each month.

Anji said...

Oh Doris, it is. it's lovely to try out products I couldn't normally afford. This morning I used a sample of a conditioner that costs 200€ a bottle. It smells lovely but I'm not so sure of its conditioning powers.

It's also nudged me back into a better beauty routine.