Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stress, stress

Who’d be a parent?

You’d think with the youngest at 21 years old, all of my troubles would be over. Olivier went to Bordeaux last week hoping to find an apartment to rent with a friend. Problem was half the youth of France had the same idea. He went off for the day and came back at the end of the week. As they wanted to be presentable they had to go out and buy clean clothes. The university tried to help. You’ve heard of speed dating? In Bordeaux they have Apartment dating under the hot sun, everyone and his dog turned up for that too.

After a little recuperation over the weekend they set off again on Monday. Then they decided to go it alone. They both found somewhere this afternoon. Tomorrow it’s job dating….

The stress isn’t over yet. Since the beginning of the year, young men have been disappearing in Bordeaux. All of the bodies have been found in the River Garonne….

Monday found Dom and J-M both in front of their classes for the first time. All went well for them.


Caroline said...

I have watched as several have entered the French further education system and it's sink or swim with little chance of help attitude. I hope Olivier has been well primed by siblings about how to survive the attrition of the first few years.

Do parents ever stop stressing about their children...?

Dru Marland said...

I Googled the disappearances. How awful. We've had some similar cases in Bath, one being the student of a friend.

...I remember arriving in Bristol to be a student, dashing around on my motorbike trying to persuade people that I was the ideal flatmate, and failing. I'm glad Olivier's got that sorted, anyway!

Voegtli said...

Well, don't stress. Just as my Church says: Take it easy.

Other then that, apartment hunting can be difficult. But this was not the case when we came back to Switzerland in 1986. There was a brand new partment building just about to be completed. I went to the "Régie", applied for an apartment, got one within 5 minutes and we are still living there.

Elisa said... stressful! Men disappearing? For real!!?? Ohmygoodness.

Elisa said...

Ohmygosh, I just flunked the words to comment 3 times! The pictures are so hard to read. =(

Anyways, that is crazy..w/ the people disappearing. That would stress me out for sure!

Anji said...

Caroline: i've suffered a lot as children with high IQs are expected to go with the norm. The miracle is that Olivier got this far.

Dru: He left it a little late. He's just applied for his grant online with about two hours to spare. needless to say this evening we turned the house upsidedown trying to find important papers to email to him - it never ends...
(Perhaps I might throw him into the river myself)

Peter: I imagine that your idea of an appartment is not quite the same. he is a young male and some owners do not like them as tenants.

Elisa: It might not be so sinister, there are a lot of bars along the river banks, students drink too much and .....

I'm sorry that you had so much trouble with the comments