Sunday, November 21, 2004

For a Sunday afternoon
A little game to keep you all quiet for a few minutes. Here's a crossword and lots of other puzzles too
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Reconnect:: join up
  2. Gearshiift:: change
  3. Mania:: fanatic
  4. Manhattan:: big buildings
  5. First date:: first love 'sigh'
  6. District:: go off the subject
  7. Yearbook:: months
  8. Breakup:: sadness
  9. Episode:: chapter
  10. Costume:: dressing up

Saturday, November 20, 2004

I dreamt
That the earth was flooding and the water was coming towards France. The continent of America had already disappeared. I had a friend with me, I don’t know who she was but she was bossy. As I had a wooden bed we could float on the water. We had to head for Africa where we would be safe.

When we arrived in Africa we had to find Michelle’s house in Cape Town. We found it really easily but she had a house full of family all sat down to eat. As soon as she saw us looking in through the window, she came out to us with open arms and took us into the kitchen for something to eat. Just as she was cutting us slices of delicious looking bread the alarm clock woke me up.

My dream book says;

Floods: a release of positive energy or on the flipside depression.

Bed: can represent a form of spiritual sanctuary

Bread: connects us with our need for basic emotional and biological satisfaction. The food of the soul.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

This is a photo of a key that Olivier made at school (the photo, not the key). I just liked the swirly background. Pupils are now obliged to do something outside ordinary school work. This term Olivier has chosen photography. This is the kind of photography involving red light and darkrooms etc. It sounds fascinating, can Mums come too? Posted by Hello
I hate not being able to keep up with my blogging. This is what I’ve been doing instead.

Over the weekend I started to prepare some test sheets; Karin asked me to make tests for ages 12 to 17. It will save me testing them during my first lesson.

I’ve had a new student to prepare work for.

On Monday Dominique was 16. Yes sweet sixteen at last. After work I shopped for her birthday meal and them had to prepare it. I finally got my birthday present from her. A diddle pencil tin. Just right for one or two pens to go in to my briefcase.

Yesterday I managed to get online for 15 minutes. Most of the comments seemed to be down (except mine)

Thursday, November 11, 2004

I never expected this result!


Bald Eagle's Wisdom Includes:





Keen sight

Illumination of Spirit



Knowledge of magick

Ability to see hidden spiritual truths

Rising above the material to see the spiritual

Ability to see the overall pattern

Connection to spirit guides and teachers

Great power and balance

Dignity with grace

If you enjoy this quiz please rate, and I may do
some more!

Animal Spirit Guides ~ Which One Calls To You?
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Found chez Michelle

Chapter: In which Olivier disappears
Yesterday afternoon Olivier went off to visit a friend on his BMX bike, not easy to travel any distance but his other bike needs the gears fixing. Before he left I warned him to watch the time as it ‘s almost dark by 6 o’clock and he has no lights. Around four, Olivier and his friend turned up to play with the Xbox. I was pleased because I knew that Olivier was home. Just after five Olivier told me that he was accompanying his friend home, so I again warned him to watch the time as (altogether now) it’s almost dark by six o’clock.

I went to pick up Rob for six o’clock, so when we got home it was dark, but no Olivier. I expected him to turn up any minute, full of apologies. By quarter to seven we started to get a bit worried. I only knew the friends first name and the village where he lives, which is pretty large. So I phoned a Mother of one of his other friends who could give me the surname and no other details. No telephone registered in our region under that name. A lot of families don’t have a fixed phones as they’ve all got mobiles and a lot of children live with step-fathers who don’t have the same name. She gave me the names of some other friends, one didn’t know where the other boy lived and the rest, no phone numbers. Rob went off to look for Olivier in the car. Near to us is a cycle lane which used to be a road, cars aren’t supposed to use it, so the ones that do are usually the kind who drive badly. Rob drove through there; no sign of Olivier, so he came home.

Rob had arranged to go out, so he was getting cross about that and we were both anxious. Next step was to go to the gendarmerie to report him missing. We decided to go over the cycle lane again, on the way to the gendarmerie, calling as we went and using a torch to look into the ditches. I didn’t realize there were so many deep ditches along that road. It was horrible, we’d just rejoined the main road when Dom phoned to tell us that Olivier had arrived home. His Friend’s mother came on to the phone to explain that she let the boys play a little longer (nearly two hours) as she said she’d drive Olivier home. I was so pleased that he was safe. When we got home we explained that if it ever happened again he must phone to let us know his plans.

Rob went out in time and Olivier spent the rest of the evening in his room. He was very quiet. I think he realized how upsetting it all was.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Small Talk:: chatter
  2. Evidence:: DNA
  3. Drifting:: clouds
  4. Hostage:: prisoner
  5. Beauty:: pleasure
  6. Automatic:: tic
  7. Asking for it:: getting it
  8. Visene:: not in my dictionary
  9. No strings attached:: free
  10. Frizz:: fuzz

You can't judge a book etc..........
When I was at school I was fairly good at English with the exception of one year. That year we had a teacher who had definite ideas about who could appreciate literature and who could not. This he based on social background. As I was a farmer’s daughter, there was no way I could fall into the ‘appreciate’ category. My marks suffered a lot. One day he asked us to write a poem for homework, any poem we liked. I wrote a poem without any problems and my friend Jane came to me and asked me to write hers.

We all handed in our poems and waited for the day of judgment. Our teacher wasn’t too happy , there were only two people in the class who really understood how to write poetry, Jane and I. Of course there was no question of my poem being read out to the class, so he read out ‘Jane’s’ and the class helped to criticize (positively) the poem.

I wonder if he noticed when the class laughed because he announced there were only two of us who’d written poems that were any good?
Where does the time go?
The last few days have flown by, again. AOL has been behaving itself badly which doesn’t help matters.

I’ve just been working, ironing, preparing lessons and gardening. I went to bed at 8 o’clock on Monday as I felt migrainey all day. I slept so well and felt so much better for it.

As I’m still technically unemployed I had to go to the job center for them to see what I’ve been up to, the first appointment was cancelled because I was working (creates a good impression). The man who interviewed me put me into a C.V. workshop for an afternoon. I’ve had to cancel because I’m working, I’ve got another new student. He suggested that I write to the university and the tourist office, which I will do as soon as I learn how to do a C.V. à la française. The idea is to earn enough so that I’m not paid unemployment benefit at all.

I had my hair cut this morning. Olivier thinks it’s too short. I think I look a bit younger, it had grown quite long again. The salon was decorated with black and white photos with a sixties feel, I did enjoy looking at the pictures, I can’t remember the photographer’s name.. The background music was Jacques Brel. My nostalgic mood soon disappeared as I had to go to the supermarket and there is a holiday tomorrow. Why do people stock up for a holiday as if there was going to be a horrible disaster?

Friday, November 05, 2004

An elderly man is at long last standing trial for the murder and rape of several girls in the seventies. Why such a long delay? The girls were mentally handicapped so the French police didn’t bother too much about it.
R.I.P. Cannelle
A hunter shot a bear in France, he was out looking for boar. The problem was it was the only female and she had a 10 month old cub. There are around five other bears in the wild in France.
The children went back to school and I’ve got a new contract, a businessman every morning at eight. I don’t mind starting work early, but it’s difficult to be organized for everyone else, it’s DIFFICULT TO GET OUT OF BED.

The weather here has been really un-Novemberish, lovely and sunny, although cold in the mornings. I spent a couple of hours in the garden on Wednesday, it was lovely and the part of the garden I was working on looked better for it. We also went for a few walks, so did a lot of other people!

We went out and bought a folding bed for when MIL comes. Goodness knows where I’ll store it after Christmas. Dom’s away for a few days so at the moment it’s cluttering up her room

Did any one see a strange star this morning? Usually in the mornings there is a bright star over to the East. This morning it appeared to have a baby trailing behind. It wasn’t a plane because I observed for a least half an hour, off and on, and it was still there.

The French news went gaga yesterday with news of Yasser Arafat’s death and rebirth. Rob received at least four contradicting messages on his mobile news service. This morning’s paper had him alive again, poor man.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Which Key on the keyboard are you?
I was bloghopping when I found this one.
The backspace key! You are happy in life and you
will be happy enough to help anyone at all and
the backspace key helps a lot of people by
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A postcard
Arrived yesterday morning from my aunty on the Isle of Wight. It was a picture of her son, my cousin, Paul taken on the downs at the back of her house. The photograph has appeared in a glossy music magazine, well he does have his double bass with him. I thought about scanning it for you, but it’s in an exhibition in London at the moment, it’s also online. Go to Marius W Hansen look in tearsheets, it’s photo #6. The other photos are worth a look too, of course!
(Unfortunately you can’t see much of the downs)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I'm clearing out my 'Misc' bookmarks.
Would you like to know when you're going to die? I've got a little while left.
Or you could create your own hero
A little advice on what you should do if the internet goes down . You could of course act out the opening scenes of Monty Python and the Holy Grail .
From Mary Lou, the quiz Queen

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Lost in cyberspace
As I was surfing on Blogexplosion I started to follow a few links and came upon a little film. It was supposed to be an advertisement for a European car that had never been used for the reasons we would see when we watched the film. Olivier and I watched really carefully and screamed with fright. We must have screamed so loudly we frightened the computer and it crashed. I lost my history of visited sights, as usual. Does anyone know where this film might be?
I shouldn’t really be telling you this……
We went over to see Rob’s colleagues on Sunday afternoon at another monument on the coast. There were only two of them working. The guide had arrived for work as usual, in the morning, but the cashier didn’t show up. As he didn’t have her phone number he phoned the administrator to ask for instructions. The administrator told him to adjust his watch by an hour. He, he

Monday, November 01, 2004

1st November
Today has been a holiday here. Traditionally everyone visits graves and put Chrysanthemums on them. Never offer a French person chrysanthemums!

We went off to carrefour and looked round. I’d like a new fridge freezer. Rob looked at them and was really fussy about the colours of the accessories. As Olivier pointed out, he hardly ever goes into the fridge anyway. Got one or two groceries and Dom bought a nice thick book and Olivier Max Payne II. He didn’t show me the over 18 label until we got back to the car. My present was a new carrier bag at 11 cents approx!!

There was a weepy episode of The Pretender on this evening. I used to like that series before the family bit got too complicated. I’m still waiting for Jarod to turn up here.