Wednesday, November 10, 2004

You can't judge a book etc..........
When I was at school I was fairly good at English with the exception of one year. That year we had a teacher who had definite ideas about who could appreciate literature and who could not. This he based on social background. As I was a farmer’s daughter, there was no way I could fall into the ‘appreciate’ category. My marks suffered a lot. One day he asked us to write a poem for homework, any poem we liked. I wrote a poem without any problems and my friend Jane came to me and asked me to write hers.

We all handed in our poems and waited for the day of judgment. Our teacher wasn’t too happy , there were only two people in the class who really understood how to write poetry, Jane and I. Of course there was no question of my poem being read out to the class, so he read out ‘Jane’s’ and the class helped to criticize (positively) the poem.

I wonder if he noticed when the class laughed because he announced there were only two of us who’d written poems that were any good?

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