Monday, November 01, 2004

1st November
Today has been a holiday here. Traditionally everyone visits graves and put Chrysanthemums on them. Never offer a French person chrysanthemums!

We went off to carrefour and looked round. I’d like a new fridge freezer. Rob looked at them and was really fussy about the colours of the accessories. As Olivier pointed out, he hardly ever goes into the fridge anyway. Got one or two groceries and Dom bought a nice thick book and Olivier Max Payne II. He didn’t show me the over 18 label until we got back to the car. My present was a new carrier bag at 11 cents approx!!

There was a weepy episode of The Pretender on this evening. I used to like that series before the family bit got too complicated. I’m still waiting for Jarod to turn up here.

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