Thursday, September 20, 2012

September winds on

Olivier still hasn’t moved into his apartment. He has an appointment with the agency on Tuesday next week. We took some furniture to one of his friends whose mother is hiring a van to take it all down to Bordeaux. Olivier left on Monday and started the term on Tuesday, for the time being he’s staying with friends. He’s coming home for the weekend and then we’re going on Tuesday to take the rest of his things. I never thought that it could be so complicated.

Dom and J-M are coming for the weekend tomorrow evening. It’s my birthday soon and Dom will be making me a cake! I'm looking forward to hearing their teaching adventures.

Not much to report otherwise. Seem to spend a lot of time working – evenings too. I do have some breaks. Downton Abbey is on Sunday evening and the Tudors is on Thursdays. Catherine Howard is about to start losing her head – so to speak. For once there are two programs I don’t want to miss. I’m still amazed that I can have so many channels at my disposal and most of the time nothing to watch on TV. I remember the good old days of just BBC and ITV in the UK. Some evenings we had difficulty choosing which program we wanted to watch the most!


Peter (Worldman): said...

Yes, some many channels and often nothing to watch. Here, I only have three channels and nothing to watch. Because the TV decoder (a central one for the entire buiding) is most of the time broken down and the caretaker guys do not know how to fix it. I showed though many times.

Don said...

I gave up TV about 20 or so years ago. Found nothing of interest on it most times, despise the commercials which are often degrading and demeaning, and a waste of time. There are some shows I like, but dislike waiting through commercials,and I dislike the cost of cable/satellite TV these days, so NO TV for me. Now I do watch a ton of movies, via Blue-Ray, DVD, and Amazon Prime... My downfall is the movies...

Friar Don, OBR

Connie T. said...

I have satalite and find too much to watch. Our DVR is always recording something.

Anji said...

Peter: there will be nothing to watch soon as Donton Abbey has finished and the Tudors will be at an end, this week I think.

Don: We prefer to watch movies too. i'm happy to see my favourites over and over again.

Connie: do you find the time to watch what you record? We always mean to watch recordings but somehow never find the time.