Friday, July 14, 2006

This week
It is still very very hot.

Lots of paper work to be filled in by Dom at the moment. Mainly to do with us guaranteeing the payment of her rent next year. She calculated how much money she’d need to get by, we did the same and she checked on a help site online and we all came up with roughly the same figure. Good job she gets a ‘grant’ to help and we’ll pay the rest.

I went for blood tests last Friday and lugged in 24 hours of pee for the rest of the tests. Good news is cholesterol and blood sugar. Bad news; creatinine (kidneys?) isn’t as it should be, I’m hoping it’s because of the very hot weather we’ve been having. Triglycerides are up as usual and my thyroid is making itself heard for the first time in a couple of years. I’ve read that menopause causes thyroid changes too. I feel fine in myself. A little tired sometimes and there are occasional days when I’m really ratty. I shall see the doctor next week.

My MIL had tests for her thyroid in England and has to wait several weeks for the results. I went in at 8.30 on Friday morning and was opening the envelope 25 hours later. Our labs are private here, what a difference!

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