Sunday, May 25, 2003

The worse part;
Christian had his wisdom teeth taken out. He stayed at the clinic for twenty-four hours and still feels a bit rough three day later. He’s got perfect teeth, had we left the wisdom teeth to grow they would have pushed them all out of line. He’s the only one in our family to have good teeth. Dom is in the process of finishing with braces and Olivier will start in September. Olivier would have been okay if he hadn’t of had an argument with a post a few years ago.

I’m so tired at the moment. Next week I have a day and a half of exams, then it’s finished. My lessons start to dry up in June. At college, the older pupils are on work experience for three weeks. My private groups finish in the second week. After that I hope to get down to some gardening, decorating and general clearing out. With any luck, I’ll get some private work in August.

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