Monday, May 12, 2003

My shares
I've now got my site onto Blogshares. I don't know how buying and selling starts up. I think I have to have a few visitors first. I know that I've had one visitor. Thanks Zoe. I've also checked my blogroll, it all works now. I'm not too hot in copy and paste it seems.
For any new visitors: I'm afraid that I've only just moved in. You'll have to sit on that old packing case over there and I'll look and see If I've got any tea left in the flask. I expect I'll start decorating soon. Let's just get posting an entry without losing it three times out of the way first, shall we?
I've actually got some time this morning, no lessons, the kids went to school at 7.20 and Rob has a day off so he's sleeping. I should wake him really but he'll want to use the computor. I'm 5th in line.....
I haven't got any archives for the moment but I did keep a page a day diary from 1974 till 1991 so from time to time I'll have a look at 'this day 20 years ago' or something. Not that I did anything interesting. I'll probably be able to tell you the sandwiches I bought for lunch.(Usually egg and cress on brown bread). If you were expecting hot memoires I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.

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