Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Queen saw me in my knickers!

I recently left a comment on a post by Connie. It was about school uniforms. Just before I started secondary school at the age of twelve my mum received a list of what I’d need and what I should wear for school. Right down to underwear! I really don’t know how my poor mum afforded all of these new clothes for me – which she had to repeat for my two sisters and brother in later years.

She had to buy the uniform from specially named shops and they were very expensive, but hard wearing. She bought me a ‘lovely’ skirt which was much too long – she said I’d grow into it – I never did grow that tall. Miniskirts were in and we all used to roll up our skirts and hold down the lumpy waistband with a tightly done up belt (non uniform, but well hidden).

In the summer months we were expected to wear straw boaters. They made excellent Frisbees. Can you imagine the glee on the very last day of school as these horrible clothes were consigned to the bin? I clearly remember cutting my school tie up.

For sport in our first year we wore a pair of navy blue knickers (over the regulation navy blue knickers we were already wearing) and a white t shirt. I can assure you that it was very cold in the snow and ice the wrong end of a hockey pitch.

One day the Queen was visiting somewhere locally and we were told that she would pass by the school at a certain time and we would all be out on the pavement to wave to her. This coincided with sport for my class and being the youngest (and shortest)we would be standing at the front. So that is how the Queen saw me in my knickers.


Lucy Melford said...

A charming memory. We played hockey at my school, too: a very dangerous game, I thought!

Despite hating school, I kept my cap, scarf and tie, and still have them. Strange! But perhaps, as you get older, tangible momentoes begin to matter, even if linked to eras you'd rather forget.


Ellena said...

Bonjour Anji
I have been peeking through your window for a while and am pleased that your G3s are renewed.


Great story anji, love it :)

cassie-b said...

What a memorable moment!

Dirty Butter said...

School memories are always fun NOW. LOL! And quite a memorable moment to remember the Queen coming by your school and seeing you in front.

Anonymous said...

I love this post about those uniforms you had to wear. One school I went to made us buy this really ugly green gym outfit. It was all one piece that snapped shut. They were long shorts. They reminded me of those orange outfits that prisoners wear. They did not look good on anyone.

Don said...

Never went to a school, aside from in the army, that required uniforms, so I missed out on that "pleasure". Would be cool to see the Queen drive by though! Bet that was kinda fun, even in the Knickers. ;)

Dirty Butter said...

Sooooo.... now the big question - after trying to Google what knickers are, I think I need an explanation. It sounds like underwear on Wikipedia!! LOL!

Anji said...

Lucy: I never liked school, so the disposal of the uniform was 'special' for me

Ellena: Thank you for commenting! Yes it was restored and now I'm waiting for the 12th again so that it will be hopefully up to speed.

Iwasn'tblogged: Thanks but I somehow doubt that the Queen remembers.

Cas: Those were the days

Connie: Sport seems to have included humiliation so much in the past.

Don: I remember thinking 'doesn't she wear a lot of makeup?'

DB: panties!

fineartist said...

I love this post, I could see you, especially cutting up that tie, and curtsying for the Queen.

I remember that we weren't allowed to wear pants, except in winter, under our dresses. Gaa. And I wore a lot of handmade clothes, with buttons that liked to come undone, gaaa again, and we had these awful stirrup pants, when they got to short the stirrups were cut.

fineartist said...

Whoops, too short.