Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A little update

The 22nd February was Olivier’s 20th birthday; he wasn’t going to come home despite it being the holidays and then I got a message to say that he would be home. I saw him long enough to wish him a Happy birthday and then he was out with friends. He did manage to eat one meal with us during the 5 days he was at home.

The blossom is starting to open this week. Unfortunately it has gone very cold again, hopefully not cold enough for a frost.

We used up our 3Gs in just over half of a month. The idea is that we now have a slower internet connection until the 12th when our 3Gs will be renewed. We haven’t noticed a slowing down – not that any slower than slowest could be possible. Our phone line has been now been cut off. I phoned the answer service without thinking. It’s very strange to be told that your phone number does not exist anymore.


Melissa said...

A belated Happy Birthday to "on the go" Oliver! My 21 year old niece was like that at Christmas. She popped in long enough to exchange presents, then abandoned us and our Christmas dinner, for dinner with her friends. Young people just have no time for us old folks! :-)

When you say 3G, are you referencing 3rd Generation wireless technology, or 3 Gigabytes of internet data? I have a 3G wireless connection and have never exceeded my data limits, and my computers is on whenever I'm not out, or asleep.

Melissa XX

Connie T. said...

Did you stop the phone service?

ladyguinevere28 said...

Thanks Anji for visiting my site, its good to know some updates on EB. I'll be checking there once I am done with my tasks here. See yeah

Anonymous said...

hmm. Cold here too. What's 3G?

Dirty Butter said...

I've been meaning to ask you what 3G is, too. I know very little about cell phones, satellite, or cable. We have a Tracfone cellphone for emergencies, but never use all our minutes, even though we buy them by the year.

Rhetoric Camel said...

I try to make my visits count when I go home to see family. I'll spend my entire weekend with family, I almost feel bad for my friends that I inform I'm heading home and they want to hang out and then I never do.
Happy belated birthday to Oliver.

Véronique said...

My honey has a 3G connection on her iPhone. It never seems very fast. If you're getting good service, though, that's what counts. And I imagine data limits are just something that's part of the contract.

I'll stick with cable! Very fast even without paying for the premium service. And no limit (at least none I've run into), although they are threatening just such a thing in Canada.

Anji said...

Melissa: I think that all young people are the same. I know that he'll grow out of it and I certainly wouldn't like to force him to hang out with us. I don't really know what 3G stands for. Your description in your last comment seems to fit what we've got.

Connie: Yes we did cancel it, though it was very difficult to find where to send the registered letter to.

LadyGuinevere: Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to seeing more of you soon!

Graham and DB: Melissa wrote an excellent descripton in a previous comment which I've copied for you:

"It's a small wireless modem about the size of a domino, that plugs into a USB port, and connects you to the internet via the same towers that mobile phones use. For some reason they work much faster when connected to a laptop, than they do when connected to a desktop computer. The speeds are also subject to how much traffic is being processed by the tower you are connecting to."

Rhetoric Camel: thank you. I know that Olivier's sister spends a lot more time when she visits now she's older. So I'm not too worried. Not always easy to find time for everyone.

Véronique: Rob has internet on his iPhone too, though I don't know how it works. You're right about the contract! Hopefully we'll have something more permanent and powerful soon

cardiogirl said...

I also had no clue what 3G was, thanks for the clarification. Happy belated birthday to Olivier. My middle kid's birthday is also Feb. 22! She just turned 8.

Anji said...

CardioGirl: I still don't understand it all. Feb 22nd, a good date!