Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The weekend went all too quickly
We picked Dom up at the station on Friday evening. The traffic was chaotic, all those students coming back for the weekend from Poitiers plus the 22nd was our day without cars (we started it in la Rochelle 10 or 11 years ago), so there was a lot of aggression from drivers who’d been deprived all day. I was expecting her to look really worn out. She looked full of beans, though she was starving, so my lasagne was appreciated. Her lecturers are all very nice, she told us, except for one who is boring. One of the days she has 15 minutes to get from one place to another and it takes half an hour, but other than that the timetable is cool. It sounds like she’s living on compote/apple sauce, real fruit is too expensive she tells me. I sent her back with a few supplies but as she doesn’t have a fridge it’s a bit difficult. She’d brought a book to read on the train but hadn’t looked at it as she discovered she was sitting next to someone on the same course, they met up for the ride home. I was sad when we got back from the station on Sunday evening, though it’s good to know that she couldn’t wait to go back.

I bought a long extension lead yesterday with 4 sockets and cut out if it overheats so that Olivier could set up the old computer in his room. Our electricity is different in the bedrooms so we only have two pin sockets. Someone had lend him an old monitor which seems huge! First go he had a blue screen but the second time it ran beautifully. Like me he had a lot of files so we shall be seeing what we can do about my stuff tonight. Once he’s dis-installed all the old stuff (there were two scanners and two printers on there), he’s going to have a lot of space for music and games. Hope he doesn’t forget his homework.

Next job is to get a key for wifi, I forgot to mention Dom installed the new AOL box for us before she left, bless her. I came up with a solution as he didn’t have any speakers, he’d made some at school last year, they didn’t fit, but some others he’d bought for some reason did. He wouldn’t have tried such a ‘stupid idea’ without my suggesting it. I’m a clever mum.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a nice weekend. And it's really nice that she's anxious to get back.

It's bitter sweet to see your kids gain their independence.

Anji said...

Cas: It is, she'll be back in a few weeks though.