Tuesday, September 19, 2006

She's gone
We took Dom off to Poitiers on Friday. She’ll be living on the forth floor, no elevator/lift. I knew that her room would be small but there were plenty of shelves and cupboards and a big desk, there is also a wash basin. It looked pretty dark and grim as the woodwork is dark and it was a dull rainy day, but when she sent a photo via Olivier’s phone once she’d made up her bed and arranged her books (most important part), it looked quite cosy. We didn’t stay for long as it was made clear to us that she had so much to do! We took her for brunch at McDonalds before we left. There were no eggs for the egg and bacon muffins!!!
Once she settled in I received yet another shopping list of things-to-get-when-she-comes-home-next-weekend. She sent me her timetable this morning, but from what she said, all that free time , and there is a lot of free time, will be spent working anyway.

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