Thursday, September 07, 2006

All good things come at once.
On Tuesday we took Dom to Poitiers to enrol and so I missed Zoe on the BBC! Fortunately I can listen to her here (Scroll down to the 5th september 'My boyfriend is a twat'). She’s talking about blogging.

We allowed four hours and got there in three. The first part of the journey was in the dark, so wasn’t very interesting, at least there wasn’t much traffic. We arrived at around 8 o’clock, despite getting a little lost on the way. The campus looked lovely and peaceful at that hour in the morning; there are lots of trees and grassy areas. Dom had all of her papers ready so we didn’t need to stay long. Everyone we met was very friendly and enthusiastic We walked along and looked at the building where her room will be. It doesn’t look too bad. Buses stop to go into town every ten minutes. She has to go back for the day on the 13th to get her timetable and go on a guided tour, meet people etc.

Olivier seems to be reasonably happy about his lycée. Unfortunately, Tuesday was his first full day and he had to get himself up and out of the house as we weren’t there. He was really tired when he arrived home on Tuesday evening. It’s very hot here at the moment and a 12 hour day was, shall we say, difficult. There are no girls in his class!

I spent yesterday writing out letters so I could send three CVs out this morning. At three this morning a bottle of fizzy rosé exploded, clearing up glass and wine is not my idea of fun at that hour. It’s the second bottle of the same wine to explode in a week, I wonder what they are putting into it?

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