Friday, September 29, 2006

Here we are again
Another week has just flown by, I always seem to be saying that. I’ve just switched over to Blogger BETA which is nice as now I don’t have to wait hours when I publish something. I don’t know how but some sites seem to be bigger. (Nothing to do with Blogger) I’m quite happy with that as I’m getting old, I’ll have to see what the rest of the family think, although there are only really Rob and I on this computer. Poor Olivier, his new/old screen won’t let him see Flight Simulator properly. I’ve found a couple of sites to help him and Dom has sent her suggestions too. I hope that you all appreciate that future pilots start practising so young. Oh, and he looked up the Ré Island airport (our airport) on the game simulator and it is there and it does look like that. When he sorts out the problems with the screen he’s going to fly over the village and see if he can see our house!

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