Thursday, September 07, 2006

How did she do it?
The ventilator on Dom’s laptop died so that it doesn’t work anymore. She’d done quite a bit of writing – new book – and now it’s lost. The main idea was in long hand but she had developed the plot. She’d almost persuaded herself to buy a new one so it didn’t take much for her to run out and buy one. Now Rob wants one too!

This weekend she’s off to Paris for the weekend with friends ( how come my children cultivate friends with swimming pools AND a pied à terre in Paris?). Laptop has to go too as no student is complete without his/her laptop. So, of course, I’m fussing about the train and the metro, I’m sure she will have everything stolen or get attacked or something. I went to Paris for the weekend when I was young and my mum didn’t fuss at all( hence the title of this post) and I was going to a foreign country!

She’ll also go to Disney Land while she’s there. I regret not having the means to take them there when they were small. Perhaps we’ll take the grandchildren when we have some.


Anonymous said...

Why on earth didn't she back-up to disc after each session? Why didn't her mother, who should know all about these things, tell her?

Tut, tut!

Mary Lou said...

She couldnt save the disk? I'll bet she could!

kids have no fear at all. I think it comes after you turn 45!

Anji said...

Keith; As you might remember, mothers are stupid, interfering and know nothing. Then it's too late.

Mary Lou; I suppose it will be sorted out eventually. Olivier reckons it's fixable. If he fixes it he can have it and buy her Wifi card too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the computer repair.

I worried about my children any time they did something that could be even remotely problematic. I think that's a sign of being a concerned parent. And they tend to forgive us when we worry.

Anji said...

Cas: I remember an interview with the lady who rode the wall of death in the 1930s. They took her to watch when she was old, she said that it doesn't seem half as dangerous when you're doing it