Tuesday, February 15, 2005

You get what you give
I went shopping yesterday , not one of my favourite jobs as I buy food for 10 days to two weeks at a time. Sat by the entrance of the supermarket was a man begging for money. As I walked in he said a very pleasant ‘hello’ and I replied. Rob came in to meet me later and as we were leaving he told me he’d found some change to give to the man. (as we pay by card we don’t usually have any change on us). He didn’t give him much but the man was very pleased.

After that we went into the village to collect our post and Rob found a coin on the road, the same amount! I told him it was Karma and he was being repaid for his good deed. At the post office we collected an envelope with a cheque in it. We’d won the smallest prize on the English premium bonds (a type of pemanent lottery)! It just goes to show….

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