Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Once upon a time......
there was a lady who came from Scotland and came to live in France. When she was all alone and couldn’t look after herself anymore, she went into a retirement and nursing home in a small village. Eventually she died. There was no family to contact. The town hall tried to send the Scottish authorities the notification of her death. Unfortunately, after three months the envelope came back because there was no proper address.

This morning I happened to be in the post office when the lady from the town hall collected the post and found the returned envelope. I tried to be helpful, but as usual, I had to explain that Scotland and England are not the same counties! Also I don’t know who to inform when someone dies. When I got home I found the address of the Scottish registrar of births, marriages and deaths on the internet. I hope that the lady from Scotland can now rest in peace.

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