Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Better now
I feel better today. AOL is being a nuisance, It keeps dropping everything from my tool bar and I have to redo it every other day. My lesson turned up okay at 8 o'clock on Monday. She phoned to cancel after midnight last week because that was the time her Doctor left. She's exhausted. Her blood pressure is down to 9 (as we measure it here). I wish we could swap, mine's 14 .

Rob and I went into town yesterday to renew our cheap travel cards at the station. We only had to wait twenty minutes. There is a notice asking people not to blame the staff for shortages due to lack of funds. We had a walk around town and looked in a few shop windows, replenished our stock of baked beans and went for a coffee. It's not often we get out together like that on our own.

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