Friday, February 04, 2005

Smarties girl
When I was about five or six. I used to collect Smarty lids. (English style: Candy coated chocolates). The lids came in four colours, as I remember and each plastic lid had a letter of the alphabet. Did I use them for making my first words? No, I used to make pyramids, lining them up on the floor, I used to play for hours. Pretty soon I realized that if I used the lids from the inside of the pyramid and transferred them to the outside, the pyramid would get bigger and bigger. I played for hours and hours. I took them with me wherever I went. When I was staying at my Granny’s I played with them a lot. My Granddad took me round to visit some friends who owned a newsagents. I arrived with my Smarty lids and played quietly the whole visit. When we left they took me into the shop and gave me a Mr. Potato man kit because I had been such a good girl.

I finished playing with the smarty lids when my Dad suggested that he put holes in them so that I could thread them onto string to decorate the Christmas tree. Unfortunately he used a welding rod which made a big ugly black hole and spoilt them all.

I tried to find an online Mr Potato Man game, does anyone know where I might find one?

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