Friday, February 11, 2005

My cold
is now at that sticky blocked up stage and I’m coughing a lot. Other than that I feel fine. I had my blood test results back this morning, just 24 hours after they were done. Cholesterol is right down from last time, in fact one of the readings is below the limits! Is this a good thing, can you have too little cholesterol? My thyroid readings are good, I’m glad I asked to lower the dose. I’m worried about the glycemia reading. I’ve tried google, but I’m not asking the right question. It’s much too high and I don’t know how to interpret the results. As my Dad was diabetic it does worry me. I’ll make an appointment next week with my Doctor.

Today we have rain. It hasn’t rained for ages here. The temperature is milder, but that is supposed to be changing on Sunday. I’m off on a blogstroll while no one is around to claim the computer off me.

I spoke too soon, Olivier and his friend are 'desperate' to get online.

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