Saturday, February 26, 2005

What happened next
Olivier was mad when he got home, but not at me. He realized that I might not have the car. He was cross because his feet had been soaking wet since the giant snowball fight during morning break. He was cross because the other bus company collected all their passengers at two o’clock because a big storm was forecast. There were eight left in Olivier’s class. We didn’t have a big storm, by the way.

It started to snow again during the evening and continued long enough to cover everything and them froze over. There were no buses for Dominique and Bonnie at seven this morning so I phoned in to say they wouldn’t be at lycée. They set off about an hour ago as they want to be at Bonnie’s tonight. It takes less than an hour on foot. It’s a lovely sunny morning and Rob has taken some photos so you should get to see them.

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