Saturday, January 10, 2009

No snow

Busy, busy week again. Three mornings supervising exams, I’d forgotten what going out on a cold dark morning felt like. I had another session on my legs. It has worked on some of the newer veins so we are continuing. I’d like to explain that this is not just for vanity, she is dealing with veins which could become a problem later. I haven’t worn a shorter skirt for over 20 years. I did cry once a few years back. I saw a couple of my neighbours go out for a walk wearing short denim skirts and lovely tanned legs….. Other than that I’m a jeansy sort of person and I do like long skirts sometimes.

Dom had to get through snow to take her exams, fortunately she was in plenty of time.

If you look at a snow map of France, our village is just about the only place that hasn’t had snow.


Dru Marland said...

we finally had some snow here yesterday, if only a tiny amount... but the weather has changed at last and last night I woke to hear the wind blowing again and realised it's been ages since we heard it. Maybe we can remove a few layers of bearskins now. Brrrrr.

Anji said...

Dru: Our problem has been wind here, we are in a direct line with Siberia it seems. I'm waiting for it to change and come from Spain again.