Monday, January 12, 2009

Continuing the Mousy Tale

I don’t really want to put any creature out in the cold during weather like this. I was so relieved this morning when I saw that the trap door was still open. Perhaps they’d listened to my request to move out? Then I saw what the problem was. The cheese was gone. The cheese would have been easy to spot as I chose a bright orange piece of Mimolette. The problem is I had so much trouble fixing it to the hook that I must have bent it a bit and when they took the cheese the door did not close. They must think that I’m a very kind human indeed, leaving food out for them. I’m going shopping today so I will look out for a new trap.

Dru’s comment to the last post reminded me of once when I was visiting friends who lived in an old farmhouse. I was sat on the loo when a mouse suddenly appeared, ran around the outside of the bath and disappeared behind the skirting board. Needless to say I didn’t scream, I didn’t want everyone crowding in to see what the problem was at that moment. I held my breath and prayed he didn’t head in my direction.

When I got back into the house there was a gendarme hanging out on the edge of the sink (No not one of those - I should be so lucky – one of these) I put him outside, I hope he had a warm hole to crawl into. Twice recently I’ve put wasps outside, what’s going on? Are the insects evolving? ... Furry wasps?

We had a light sprinkling of snow this morning. It seems to have settled best on the roads and pavemants


cassie-b said...

How nice of you. I must admit, that Don takes our biggest problem, stink bugs, wraps them in a tissue and sets them outside.

It's nice to be kind.


Caroline said...

I think we ended up using peanut butter in our live capture traps because they can't run off with it!

Anji said...

Cas: I use a lot of tissues putting insects outside. best not crush stink bugs!

Caroline: Peanut butter - I'll try that next time.