Friday, January 02, 2009

2009, off to a good start.

I feel as if I’ve been overwhelmed by the last couple of weeks. I’ve got behind with everything; all the emails I was going to send out, some Christmas cards, the ironing, postcards, blogging and visiting blogging friends and so on. I’m really sorry.

The year stats with 2 pieces of good news. I expect that if you are from the UK you will have heard about Eleanor’s MBE, so now she’s the youngest person to receive an MBE. Mum told me that she was due to go to Buckingham Palace in February anyway so now she will meet the Queen twice. Our Aunt tells me that Eleanor has remained her sweet self throughout all of this and doesn’t really understand what the fuss is about.

My second good news relates to an event in the summer. I thought I’d written about it but I can’t find it. A little dog (Like this one) went missing just before his owner was due to return home to Paris after her holiday. I kept the photo, in a recipe book because he was so sweet (and now I can’t find it). I saw the wife of the man who was helping to look for the dog this afternoon and asked if they ever found him, they did. He was wondering the roads at the other end of the village trying to find his mistress. We have had dogs and cats disappear around here in the past, supposedly finding their way into certain laboratories, I don’t know how true that is.

I’m now the proud grandma of a bonsai. Dom came home before Christmas on the train juggling her luggage, a bonsai and a glockenspiel. As she has gone away couple of times I’ve been responsible for the watering. Please keep your fingers crossed that I don’t over/under water it.

Yes, I have had a go on the glockenspiel


Peter (Worldman): said...

I think we were all falling back with blogging, commenting and emailing. Your two good news might not be important ones. But they are. Because, if people would care more about things like that, our world would be much better.

I wish you and the one you love a very Happy New Year.

Caroline said...

Its good to have some good news!

Anji said...

Peter: A belated Happy New Year, I'm late, but my excuse is that I'm French!

Caroline: It is good and a good start to the year. I hope that it continues.

Keith said...

I have been growing Bonsai trees for many years.

Be careful not to give it too much TLC. This is what usually kills them. If it is an "outdoor" variety then the general rule is 5 days indoors and then two weeks outside, unless there is a danger of the pot freezing solid.

If you treat it as a "pet" then you wont go far wrong. For instance, make sure that it is fed regularly and check the water three times a day especially in the summer. If a tree dries out, then no matter how much water you give it afterwards, it is doomed! They just seem to give up living!

Anji said...

Kieth: I've passed on your advice, thanks. She certainly did treat it like a pet, I was waiting for requests for cat food for it!