Wednesday, October 25, 2006

An old saying
“In October dung your field
And your land it’s wealth shall yield”

I’ve been out in the garden recently for the first time in ages, there is still a lot to do to make it tidy. After the hot summer then the rain, everything has stared to grow with a vengeance. I was amazed to come across a ladybird calmly walking up and down a stalk when I was sorting out the irises. I shouldn’t think she found much to eat, except for mosquitoes, of which we have a lot. There was a flower on the pink honeysuckle! Just one. On Monday night we had gale force winds all night. I know, they kept me awake. I was disturbed by branches scraping the roof. I was sure all the tiles would be gone the next day, fortunately the roof was fine. The roses seem to have hung onto their petals too. This afternoon I cut back the offending branches, there was just one I couldn’t reach, Rob will have to do that one.

Twice recently walking through he park in the village I’ve seen a squirrel, it’s the first I’ve seen in a few years.


Anonymous said...

I detest the wind. I have many a sleepless night when our winds blow gale force. At times I think the roof will lift or the patio door will blow in but so far so good.

Keith said...

Squirrels? We're infested with the things where I live. Two of them are so cheeky that they raid the kitchen if I accidently leave a door or window open.

"Methinks a cat I will get!" as Shakespeare once said. (Panther?)

Anonymous said...

I love to listen to the wind. We had a small blow this week, but nothing really big. We get our really bad fall storms in November.

Is a ladybird the same as a lady bug?

I have waited and waited for the squirrels to finally get cheeky enough to come closer. The small Douglas squirrels do, but the grey ones are really skitterish, until this year, now I have four of them that come right up to the porch feeder. I love to watch them.

Anji said...

Michelle; I've cut off the branches now, so I should sleep peacefully; I don't worry about the windows because we have shutters.

Keith; knowing that you live in the UK are they squirrels or tree rats? I think a panther should keep away most things from your kitchen, including you!!

Mary lou; I wonder if you got the leftovers of our storm ;). Yes, a ladybird is a ladybug.
I don't live near enough to the woods to get squrrels in the garden. Someone I knew was very upset because they were trying to drink in his swimming pool and one drowned. You can buy nature friendly pool cleaning products now.

Anonymous said...

do ladybugs eat mosquitoes? i didn't know that!

Anji said...

Kimberley; I don't think so, that's all there was. The cold weather has killed them all (the mosquitoes) off now, tee, hee.