Sunday, October 08, 2006

The games people play

When I was a child I really used to love those cardboard dolls and paper clothes sets with tabs that you could hook on (the little tabs always managed to tear off). The first of the dress up games that I remember was a Mary Poppins set, complete with Jane and Michael and clothes for each adventure. Needless to say my favourite outfits were the ones for the day that they went inside Bert’s pavement drawing and to the races. My next favourite was a Petticoat Junction set. Even though I’d never seen the television series, I loved the full skirts and the chic dresses the characters wore. My final set, before I grew too old to play fashion games, was a Twiggy wardrobe which had lovely trouser suits and mini skirts , hats, bags, scarves and boots. Real up to date fashion, at the time! I hung onto that set for a long time before giving it away.

Now I am old, I still like to play around a bit so I was pleased to discover Dress Up Games and Dollmakers where you can make your own personalised avatar. There are allsorts of categories to choose from, like fairies, Goths, babies, seasonal dolls, celebrities and even guys! Then there are all the accessories, clothes, hairs, wings etc. with this doll maker to complete your very own unique avatar. I think I might happily lose a few hours on this site.

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