Monday, October 16, 2006

Going, going... not
Beatrice, our friend who likes auctions, phoned on Saturday morning. She’d seen a fridge-freezer which was going up for auction in the afternoon. It was in good condition (nearly new) and at a low starting price. I’ve been to the auction rooms to look around but I’d never been to an auction before so Rob and I set off straight after lunch.

I was amazed at how many people were waiting for the place to open when we arrived and at two o’clock we all poured in. The fridge freezer was nearly new and very clean so Rob bid, unfortunately we didn’t get it. As it happens it was a cheap supermarket brand that hasn’t got a very good reputation. We couldn’t bid too high because I’m waiting for my new washing/dryer machine to be delivered any day now.

Sunday was my day to defrost the fridge, it would have been nice not to have needed to….

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Anonymous said...

I guess the most important thing about going to an auction is to not get caught up in the spirit of things, and spend more than you wanted.

I hope you had fun