Sunday, October 22, 2006

All about life
O came face to face with mortality this week. A friend of a friend of his was killed in a motorbike accident, he was only 16. The first friend had lent the motorbike. At that age adults are interfering when they talk about speed alcohol and drugs, until something like this happens. I must admit that the boys parents were in my mind for most of Thursday, they knew he was dying it was just a question of how long would it take.

On a more cheerful note, O had been watching friends (for the nth time) and he wanted to know why they said “I take the Rachel” during the wedding vows. So I explained to him about the use of ‘thee’ as the wedding ceremony is in old English. As a result of the conversation I got out my book of Common Prayer and we looked at the words like betwixt, thee, thy, troth etc. then he glanced at the spine of the book and said ‘They really wanted you to pray in those days, didn’t they?’ So I asked him why, he thought it said 'Come on prayer' instead of Common Prayer.

He also noticed that the women’s vows include obey. I told him that it’s been along time that women have had the choice to leave that one out.

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