Thursday, August 25, 2005

What do you think of this?
Rob and I were invited to tea at a friends house last weekend. I don’t know how we got onto the subject, but she was talking about aggressive behavior resulting from playing violent games on Xbox etc. I think I wrote that, in June, Olivier sold his Xbox. I didn’t want him too because I was afraid he’d be bored during the holidays. Well he hasn’t been bored at all, he sleeps till midday and spends the afternoons and evenings with his friends, On quieter days he watches episodes of ‘Friends’ which he adores.. He’s also a much more communicative person.

Another good change which has come out of the holidays is that Olivier would like to be an airline pilot. He’s looked up schools in France and the UK. He knows he needs an excellent school record with really good marks as there are so few places. Hopefully his attitude towards school will be a little better this year. We shall find out in September…

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