Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Latest results.
Early yesterday morning I went into town before breakfast to have my blood tested. I hadn’t got a sample of pee with me because when I checked at the chemists they said I didn’t need a little pot. I had to go in a plastic cup and as I’d been before I left home and hadn’t eaten or had a drink for thirteen hours I gave a pretty mean sample. The results came this morning, which is good because I was certain they were going to invite me back again to provide a larger sample.

There is a very, very slight improvement all round, I am now below 6 for the HbAlc test, it made me laugh our loud when I was walking home from the post office, my reading is 5.9 (in April it was 6.2).
Before I went on holiday I was doing well and eating very carefully, I’d lost 2 kilos (about 5lbs). When you go back to see relatives and friends only once a year, they do tend to kill the fatted calf and feed you with things you shouldn’t eat. When we got back home it was difficult to kick start as I wasn’t working. I don’t snack between meals but I think about food more and make bad choices. Olivier and Dom are on holiday so my really good lunch gets sacrificed sometimes. I refuse to start cooking separate meals for every one, though if they have chips (fries) I will just have salad etc.

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