Tuesday, August 30, 2005

We went to visit our friends Monique and Dominique at their campsite in l’Houmeau yesterday evening. They had time to have a chat as the season is more or less over. Now they are looking forward to next year and how they can best advertise for business. As English speakers this is where we come in. Dominique went to fetch us the stats for their site, which are in English. I helped him the best I could, but as I only have a modest site, I don’t use stats like he does. There are quite a few bits I don’t understand. Can anyone explain these to me?

1. I understand hits but what are files and why are visits different to hits?
2. What is a Kbyte and why would you need it in your stats?
3. What are user agents?
4. There is a section ‘total URLSs but it only seems to give part of an address after the /, why?
Entry pages seem to be the same.
5. Why do you need to know exit pages? (I think I understand what they are)
6. What is a search string?

If anyone could help with just even a part of that I’d be really grateful. Thanks in advance!

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