Monday, August 15, 2005

The Norwegian connection
I think this is really strange. Norway has a population of 4,593,041 people. So goodness knows how small the population was when they were immigrating to the states. Recently we’ve had a conversation in the comments boxes about Norwegian ancestors. This was started by Risa who must be Rob’s cousin because thy both have an Uncle Odd. Risa lives in Oslo. Then Karen said that she was part Norwegian, then Mary Lou, which means Phyllis too. Are there anymore? Rob’s family come from an island in the North, and I can never remember the name of it Andoy Versteralen.

Rob’s father left Norway during the war to join the British forces, he was in the air force, Rob’s mother worked in the admiralty in London and they met and got married. Rob’s mother told me that her mother-in-law was quite an interesting person. She had immigrated to the US with her sisters and they ran a restaurant in New York (Not all the facts are 100%, but you get the idea). She was sent back to Norway to die because she had TB. She didn’t die, she married and went on to have 7 children, including premature twins in the winter of 1917, one of whom was Rob’s father. She died before Rob was born, but did manage to visit her son in England all on her own armed with a piece of paper with ‘Worcester’ on it (she couldn’t pronounce Worcester). When she visited Windsor castle she fainted and was taken into a room and given tea to revive her. No one believed her when she told them she had tea at the Queen’s castle. I think I would have liked too have met her, she sounds a very courageous woman.

My Grandfather was born in the states. His parents came back to England when my great grandfather lost most of his fingers in the saw mill where he was working. I met him once, I was terrified of him.

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