Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A day out
After Rob had been to the dentist and had a tooth pulled out, we set off in a southerly direction to a little village called Port Des Barques. Just opposite to Madame island. When the tide is low you can drive across to the island.

We went to spend the day with one of Rob’s colleagues and his family who are camping there for a few weeks. They are very French so lunch took four hours. It was very windy and hot so I’ve come back with a burnt arm and nose!

Dominique (Mrs. Colleague) happened to mention that she is diabetic. She takes medicine rather than insulin but has to test herself at least every morning. She kindly offered to show me how her tester worked so I tested myself too. The pin prick made me jump but I would very soon get used to it. I was amazed at how neat and simple it all was. Our readings were pretty high as we’d had a long lunch. She hasn’t really changed her diet which I think is a pity because she is younger than me. I feel that I’m lucky to have been spotted before the dangerous symptoms arrive. My dad was on the way to losing his toes when he was diagnosed.

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