Thursday, August 11, 2005

Nature day
Summer is really past it’s best. I know because this morning I vacuumed up the first of the big black spiders. She was on the bathroom ceiling while I was having my shower.

Before I popped out to collect the post this morning I went round closing the windows as usual and a young lizard was sat in the groove of the window frame. He was too terrified to move when he saw me and I didn’t want to panic him into jumping into the house. I closed the window gently and left him to find his way out when I opened the window later on. Good job he was small enough to fit into the groove.

As I was waiting for AOL to decide to load I heard what sounded to me like a bird in distress in the garden, I’d seen a black cat earlier so I went out in my role as rescuer. There were three Hoopoes in the garden, I suppose the noise was coming from the youngster as they usually call ‘Hoop, hoop’. Here is a film of one feeding on the ground. We see them on their own from time to time, three together is really special!

I wonder what I shall see next? An elephant would be nice.

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