Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I went round to the post office
as usual this morning with a handful of postcards to send off to customers. I always try to be there just before it opens as I hate being stuck behind customers who don’t really know or understand what they want. Unfortunately I was pipped to the post by a really old couple who didn’t look to happy.

Yesterday they had been sold a special armchair that was supposed to cure arthritis. They were very upset because they had been confused by the price in euros ( they were still thinking in francs). The cost of the chair had cleaned out their savings. Fortunately when the smooth talking salesman had left with their cheque they had time to think and made an appointment with their doctor to ask his opinion. The doctor explained to them that the chair was useless and to write a letter to be sent recorded delivery straight away. Our lady at the post office arranged the cancellation of the cheque and sent the recorded delivery off, but thinks that the address is a false one. The post office is busy in the morning so they had lots of help filling in forms and the lady who works at the town hall went back to register a complaint. I felt really sorry for them, they both looked really sick with worry. I don't know if there is a cooling off period in France if you sign a door to door contract.

I’ve been waiting for someone to knock at the door selling chairs all day, I’d love to give them a piece of my mind; I believe in karma so I hope something nasty happens to the salesman, if he doesn’t end up in prison.


Anonymous said...

It sad when people are conned but even more when they are elderly.

Keith said...

Exactly the same thing has happened to my ladyfriend. She bought a "relaxation chair" off the internet and it cost an absolute fortune. When it arrived it was just a blowup plastic seat that does nothing! In fact it's just clear plastic. No vibration, no nothing. She has been trying to get her money back for months, but they don't answer the phone, emails or anything. Last week the website suddenly disappeared.

Pamela J Weatherill said...

Hey there Anji

Just for you ... I have put a couple of new Kilvert extracts up on the blog ... Rivetting reading ... do get a copy if you can.

Anji said...

Michelle; I agree, unfortunatley older people are more likely to be duped and are easier if things get physical.

Keith; I'm sorry to hear about your friend. It's things like that that give shopping online a bad name.

Pamela; They were interesting, I don't know what to make of him.

Keith said...

Anybody want to buy a see-through blowup plastic relaxation chair with a slight air leak? Blowing it up every half-hour is VERY relaxing!

Anji said...

Keith; Thank you for that advertisment. I see my adSense ads are now all selling chairs. I wince everytime I see them.