Thursday, November 16, 2006

Close shave
Like a lot of people at the moment I went to the doctor’s with my flu vaccine this week. I also had my usual check up. I’ve put on 2 kilos in four months which is not good. I don’t think I’m eating more than ever, but I spend more time working on the computer, so don’t get as much exercise. I came away with a ton of tests to have done, as usual.

The doctor and I were talking about the children, He’s very good at digging the needle in mid-conversation. I was so busy talking that I didn’t notice him put Betadine onto the cotton wool to clean my skin. I only noticed when he took the cotton wool to throw away. I’m allergic to Betadine and it is most unpleasant. He cleaned it off quickly with ether which seems to have worked, as I haven’t had a reaction.

When I got home I checked in my diary for 1988, because it was at the birth (or a few hours after) of Dominique I discovered the allergy. I wanted to see how quickly I’d reacted and spent an agreeable moment reading about the first month and a half of Dominique’s life. If you’re reading this Dom, you will be pleased to know that you were a model baby and only cried when you were hungry! I suddenly realised it was strange not to be reading about Olivier too, but we had a couple more years to go before he arrived on the scene.

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