Sunday, November 19, 2006

I feel like I'm getting old
Rob sometimes talks to me about what I’ll be like when I’m eighty. We usually have this conversation as I’m getting out of bed in the morning. I don’t mind getting up early, but it would be nice if everything ran smoothly straight away. The first twitches come from my back, it’s always stiff in the morning and worse if I’m foolish enough to think that I can have a lie in. Thank goodness I enjoy walking, a walk usually sorts things out. I’ve recently had problems with my jaw, arthritis, my doctor informed me. Do I talk or eat too much! The other end of the day can be a problem if I eat the wrong foods too late in the evening. I lie awake with indigestion trying to ‘do something’ with my twitchy legs.

Dom teases me about my friend Al. Al is the one who makes me forget things as soon as I’ve been told them. I use the alarm clock a lot to remind me to do things. That’s if I remember to set the alarm, if I can find the alarm clock and then when it rings, remember why I set it to ring in the first place. Life is much less complicated when you’re twenty.

There is a product to help people like me, it’s called Proleva, (click here to see what it’s all about) , and it’s made from natural ingredients. It contains fruit and berry extracts, as well as green tea, which provide the equivalent of the antioxidants found in one and a half pounds of fresh fruit. Important in combating ageing. It helps to improve memory and brain function, increase energy and help the immune system. I can’t help thinking it would be great to be able to watch a film on TV in the evening without falling asleep and not feel exhausted just thinking about all the jobs I’ve got to do. With improved memory I’d be able to remember all the things I need to do as well!

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