Friday, September 02, 2011

Not people, socialists

I haven't got anything agaists Socialists.  I made an error in my post about Greenpeace.  The banner read "85% of Socialists"

We saw a report on the news about a giant turbine being taken out to sea and sunk.  It will produce electricity and will change the direction of its movement as the tide comes and go.  If it is successful there will be more.  Unlike wind turbines you can't see them at all.


Véronique said...

Love the headline. :)

As long as the underwater turbine doesn't disturb marine life, it sounds great.

It turns out that even the "cleanest" energy has complications. In this province, we have abundant hydroelectric resources, but when they built the dams, they didn't think about salmon migration. They've had to figure out how to handle that. And wind turbines can have problems of their own, such as harm to migratory birds. Never simple!

Stephanie said...

I hope it will be a success. We're about to get some wind turbines quite close by. I blogged about them here:
Just hope my bats stay well away.

Anji said...

Véronique: Yes we seem to get caught out however we try to solve the problem.

Stephanie: I didn't know about the danger to birds and bats. here are quite a few turning up around here. All a long way from houses.